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The land of tempting tacos, picturesque beaches and authentic tequila, Mexico is the perfect place for your study abroad. Famed for its street food, handcrafts and folk arts, Mexico is a paradise for students, especially the shopaholic.

 Imagine a perfect day spent shopping in Mexico, eating scrumptious street delicacies and treating your exhausted self with tequila at the end of the day. Are you ready to make this splendid plan a reality? RocApply is right here for you!

Renowned as the largest market of Mexico, La Lagunilla is perfect for travelers who are looking for exploring the traditional market and living the shopping in Mexico dream. One can shop for clothes, furniture and indulge in delicious street food in this huge market. So, what are you waiting for?! Go and shop the Mexican way.

Designed by a famous Mexican architect, Reforma 222 is one of the 30 tallest buildings of Mexico and is the best for those who are thinking about luxury shopping in Juarez, Mexico. This grand mall is an abode to all opulent brands like Zara, Dior, Bershka, etc. Do visit this swanky mall also popular as the best shopping mall in Mexico on your next shopping tour.

Are you confused about here other than the cliched stuff? Mexico is famous for its handicrafts and artworks and so you can visit this eminent art gallery to gratify the art lover in you. Arte Galeria Antiguedades offers marvelous art pieces to people who relate to art and creative craftsmanship. A must visit in the list of places for shopping in Leon this art gallery will not disappoint you.

An epitome of architectural perfection, hospitality and traditions in the list of shopping in Mexico, Pueblo Serena is inspired by an old Mexican township. Pueblo Serena is a town in itself as it consists of shops, yoga classes, sandbox for children and many other exuberant places. A prime location for shopping in Monterrey, Mexico this is a perfect place for spending time with your friends on vacations.

Amber, a twinkling stone found in Mexico is famous worldwide and people from all over the world are in awe of Amber jewelry. Ambarte Cancun is the most popular place among locals as well as tourists for shopping in Cancun, Mexico.

The shop provides brilliant jewelry made from pristine Amber stone and has a huge demand for its intricately made Amber jewelry art. Do not think much and definitely visit the shop to get mesmerized by the beautiful stone jewelry.

RocApply Tips:

  • As with other facets of life in Mexican, food, and grocery are also sold in their local currency, so ensure to make all the necessary conversions and move around with a little local cash on you. Many of the establishments only accept the USD.
  • As a newcomer, some of the names of the items might confuse you, please use any online translator services to check the correct Spanish word for whatever you are searching for.
  • Always ask for help or directions from fellow students and if you can't find any around you then ask even the locals they are always happy to assist foreigners and visitors.

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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