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At night, Mexico comes alive with locals and foreigners who flock to night spots for a good time. Mexico is a huge place, so it comes as no surprise that its nightlife is as vibrant and diverse as the country itself.

Whether it's lounging with a cocktail at an upscale bar or drinking with fashionable youths at mezcalerias and cantinas, Mexico has a little bit of everything for every type of partygoer.

Mexico is not only an important industrial, economic and cultural center, but an amazing place for the night! The countries nightlife scene is impressive with a diverse and large selection of bars, pubs, and clubs spread throughout its cities. You will enjoy a wide range of Mexican and other famous drinks from around the world in cantinas where prices are usually reasonable.

A cantina is a typical Mexican bar frequented for its authentic Mexican cuisine and botanas, given out with traditional alcohol. Also, many bars in here offer a combination of Spanish and English pop, rock, house, hip-hop or R’n’B as well as some Latin/Caribbean music to be found.

There are also some amazing clubs that also play a wide selection of music. These happening places of Mexico mostly close late, between 3-4 a.m. at the earliest and some are open until the first rays of sun in the morning.

Here are some well-known spots to try once here!

  • Roma is the epicenter of Mexico City hipster culture, with quirky residents and trendy bars and clubs to follow suit. The best place to start your night would be at Avenida Alvaro Obregon – a stretch of road littered with energetic bars and crowds of well-dressed youths. One thing about Roma is that there is always something going on, even if it is underground and hidden, you won’t get disappointed here.
  • Hit up Licoreria Limantour, found in the capital, a legendary cocktail bar that is been named one of the top 50 bars in Latin America. Another must-visit is Romita Comedor, which offers alcohol-heavy cocktails in a high, glass-ceilinged greenhouse overlooking the street, a must.
  • A club worth checking out is MN Roy – an ultra-cool venue where you will have to be very nice to the guys on the door to get a chance of getting in. Other notable places are Gin Gin, Janis and Cafe Paraiso. For mezcalerias, you may visit Mano Santa, La Mil Amores and La Nacional.
  • La Condesa often comes hand-in-hand with Roma when speaking about Mexico’s nightlife. Both neighborhoods exude a coolness unmatched anywhere else in the capital. La Condesa attracts more young professionals, as opposed to Roma’s hipster crowd, so it has a classier reputation.

"A lot of places to go out for a drink" - Petrov from Russia

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