Car Rental in Mexico

This guide explains how the car rental works in Mexico and steers you through the mechanics of successfully renting a car in Mexico and at the best price. For the most part, bus travel is an ideal way to get around in Mexico, but there are often times when driving makes the most sense.

If you are on a tight schedule, you can cover more ground in less time. If you are not on any schedule, you might want to explore and make up your itinerary as you go.

RocApply is here to give all the necessary information on how to go about car rental in Mexico!

Driving across Mexico can be a worthwhile experience as it gives you the choice and flexibility to visit remote areas which may be inaccessible using public transport and enables you to do so at your chosen pace and convenience. Highways are well-maintained, constantly being improved, and so straight that the slightest curve bristles with warning signs and reflectors.

A rental car can provide the freedom and flexibility that public transport cannot when you are traveling longer distances, especially outside of Mexico City, the capital. If you want to see some of the outlying towns and villages off the beaten track’, then taking a car is the most efficient way to accomplish this, unless you have the patience, time, and temperament to deal with local transport. What do you need to know?!

Driving maps and road logs

Google now provides detailed maps of Mexico which can be used for journey planning in Mexico, and some agencies offer in-car GPS for an additional fee. If you are planning a long-distance road trip in Mexico, consider using these Mexico Road Logs, which are an excellent companion to your digital map or GPS system and provide detailed local knowledge on a mile-by-mile basis.

Requirements for car rental

Most car rental agencies in Mexico operate strict criteria for car rentals. In some exceptional circumstances, and usually accompanied by a hefty deposit and hefty excess charges for damage and accidents, car rental agencies may accept drivers below the age of twenty-five, but most require that the driver(s) of the vehicle are at least twenty five years of age and some even stipulate that the person must have held a full driving license for a minimum time period, between two and five years.

Ask the sales agent or check the small print on the rental agreement for details.

Most car rental agencies will attempt to pre-authorize an amount from your credit card before they will rent a car to you. If you do not have a credit card then you will not be able to rent a car. You must proffer a valid credit card for this procedure as debit cards are not accepted.

You will need to present a full, current, driver’s license showing the renter’s name and photograph. If your country’s driving license does not display your photograph, another form of photo ID will also be required. Your own country’s license can be accepted provided that it is printed with ‘Western Characters’.

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