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RocApply aims to make your semester abroad in Mexico as hassle-free as possible. And that is why we have a page dedicated to list student houses in various Mexican cities so it is easier for you to find accommodation in a completely easy way. Begin your search on the Find Accommodation page now!

The student houses we offer are equipped with all the essential facilities to ensure a pleasant stay. You can use the kitchen to show off your culinary skillsets or entertain your friends by hosting a party in the garden. It’s all up to you!

While this is intriguing it is important to note that a shared student house can maintain your privacy with your private bedroom while enjoying hanging around with other international students.

Moreover, you would be able to make the most out of your stay in Mexico as the international student houses organize many trips to various exotic locations throughout the country without worry.

Finding a student house in Mexico can be a daunting endeavor, but there is nothing more important for your experience abroad than living in your perfect environment. Student rooms are provided by communities of international students from all over the globe. This will help you with making friends, having parties and finding your way around more instantly. ‘Mi casa es tu casa’.

There are a range of shared student houses with beautiful rooms specifically catering to international students in Mexico. The common areas of the houses like the comfortable living room, fully equipped kitchen, and the terrace allow you to socialize with other local students.

And when you feel like spending time alone, you can conveniently use your private bedroom to relax and unwind. The houses provide you with all the necessary facilities so that you can enjoy a comfortable semester abroad in Mexico.

If you’re looking for a more independent lifestyle during your stay and meet and interact with other foreign students, student residences/houses options are ideal. A student residence can vary in size depending on location and availability. These residences usually accommodate students of all ages and nationalities in a house-type ecosystem.

Usually, students' residential accommodation is the most economic form of private student accommodation. The student residences in Mexico usually offer shared kitchen facilities or cafeterias and give you the opportunity to practice your new language with fellow students even away from your classes.

Normally there is a reception you can contact if you have any problem or questions or simply email us at [email protected]


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