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Student Life in Mauritius

Studying in Mauritius is a life-changing experience for every single individual regardless of where they come from. Mauritius has all you can look for in terms of university education, student life, and opportunities.

Many foreign students choose the country because of the combination of quality teaching and an international qualification which is obtainable in any university in the country. Similarly, many foreign students in the country praise the very affordable tuitions that allow them to live and study comfortably without the burden of finances.

Arriving into the country and seeing the beauty and splendor that surrounds this small island country, you will be mesmerized at how breathtaking that environment is.

Universities have very brilliant infrastructures, the kind you will find in many western countries, and campuses are very modern with everything that you can expect from your dream university experience.

University facilities encourage learning and research with more than enough outlets for student creativity and development. Extracurricular activities such as sports, student clubs, events, and seminars make the remaining bulk of your student experience, as social development is also as important as academic development as an extra distinction.

Although Mauritius is an island, students are still connected to the rest of the world in more ways than one, through course work, the information and knowledge provided, and the concepts that are needed to step out into the world.

Matthew from South Africa studying at Middlesex University Mauritius says; “As an international student, you have a very different experience in the country compared to what you would’ve had in your own country. It is an opportunity to become a lot more independent while you study”

Ishani Suchak from Kenya studying at Middlesex University Mauritius also says; “Yes you are going to be far from home but Mauritius provides that international environment, and you are going to meet people you have never met and built friendships and connections that will last way after your time in the country.”


Lastly, Mauritian universities are very forward-thinking and technologically inclined, students are up to speed with all the latest inventions in technology to make sure that you will be learning about things that you will be working within the immediate future.

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