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Shopping in Mauritius

Shopping for food and other necessities in Mauritius is a little bit more affordable compared to many other western countries and although it is a tourist hub, market prices have managed to remain favorable over the years. Since agriculture is one of the major economic hubs of the country, fresh farm produce and animal livestock products are sold at very friendly prices in local markets. Supermarkets in Mauritius are very widespread and they sell a variety of food, grocery, and home items.

Some of the biggest supermarket chains in Mauritius include; Dream Price – located across different areas in Port Louis and Jumbo Express located in Flic en Flac, both of which are two of the best places to shop as a student on a budget as the prices are very fair and the options are very broad. Other supermarket chains are Chez Popo Supermarket, La Gaulette, Winners, etc.

Shopping for other items such as clothing can be done in one of the many malls or retail streets located in the city you are in. Some popular stores that many foreign students in Mauritius have considered to be the top places to go are Being Human Clothing in Bagatelle, Fashion House in Vacoas-Phoenix, Fashion House, Le Caudan in Port Louis and many others. Students choose the places not only for its affordability but also for the wide spectrum of quality designs that they offer.

One beautiful thing about Mauritius is the presence of local markets or kiosks that sell food, dairy and meat products. These markets are makeshift markets and they sell food directly from the farms. The prices are even cheaper compared to the supermarkets and the food items are always fresh. These markets are also a very important part of Mauritian culture as they bring the locals together and many foreigners come to witness many of the country’s traditions.

RocApply Tips:

  • As with other facets of life in Mauritius, food, and grocery are also sold in their local currency, so ensure to make all the necessary conversions and move around with a little local cash on you. Many of the establishments only accept Mauritian Rupee (MUR)
  • As a newcomer, some of the names of the items might confuse you, please use any online translator services to check the correct French Creole or English word for whatever you are searching for.

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