Night Life In Mauritius

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Night Life In Mauritius

Mauritius holds many entertaining nightlife spots to spend the evening, this tourist haven moves from a mellow day to a vibrant night-time surrounded by warm lights and music.

The most upbeat and cosmopolitan clubs and bars are found along the north coast between Pointe aux Canonniers, Grand Bay, and Pereybere. Flic en Flac on the west coast weaves more of an exotic and original island-style ambiance, with pubs and night clubs suited to different tastes and ages.

Tamarin is an excellent destination to explore with friends as there are many venues to check out including pubs, restaurants, live music, a DJ, open dance floors, and many attractions all under the same area.

Hotels in Mauritius are also interesting places to visit for fun activities because they host many nightly entertainment specials with shows, live music, and events.

The island is marvelous at night and has some of the most exciting places to visit, already praised as a beautiful destination for travelers and their families, the nightlife is also one of the best on the African continent.

Individuals who enjoy gambling and have an extra budget to spare can head on the many casinos in the area like Caudan Casino and Troux Aux Beaches Casino which are two of the most popular ones on the island.

Nighttime in Mauritius is an excellent avenue to mingle with the locals and other foreigners, as there are lots to drink, eat and experience. Gorge on some of the cheap street foods which are a proven cure for many late-night hangovers or sit down at any fancy restaurant and enjoy some of the best intercontinental dishes you've ever had.

Lush resorts often have bars around the pool area where visitors can lounge away their evenings to soft music and beautiful views. Some popular hangout spots include;

  • On The Rock situated in Le Suffren Hotel
  • Keg and Marlin Nightclub
  • Megane Habitat

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