Jobs for Students in Mauritius

Jobs for Students in Mauritius

In Mauritius, the present enactment permits foreign students to work part-time jobs up to a limit of twenty hours out of every week, without the requirement for a work grant or permit. With your student residence status, you can secure part-time employment alongside your studies to support your stay in the country.

International students who are more than 16 years of age can find paid jobs in several establishments and industries only on the condition that they will work for a part-time duration of not more than 20 hours weekly, and they will remain enrolled in a study program of at least one year in an academic public, private, or technical higher institution in Mauritius.

Areas where foreign students readily find employment in Mauritius include:0;

Sales:0; Jobs in sales include marketing, sales representatives, floor salesperson, door to door sales and marketing, and insurance advisors. These openings are crucial in Mauritius and many foreign students gain employment in these areas, these jobs are readily available however, some of them require a recommendation from a native or your university.


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