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Creating a brighter future, together

RocApply was founded in Berlin, the vibrant capital city of Germany by a group of former university students in partnership with universities with the goal of simplifying the university application process for prospective students interested in pursuing their education in different parts of the world.

RocApply enables students to search, find and apply directly seamlessly to any institution or university through the platform using just one click. The entire RocApply university application experience was designed to take less than 4 minutes.

The energetic RocApply team is available around the clock to facilitate and provide assistance to students in need of consultation, however, most importantly the services of RocApply as a platform are free of charge to all students. Students do not need to pay anything for using the RocApply platform to secure places in their dream institutions or university of choice for their education.

Roc Apply takes pride in providing a convenient one-stop solution for students including but not limited to the entire study abroad value chain, starting from helping students find the best-fit university and program, Student Visa Processing, Reserving Accommodation, Booking Flights, to helping students settle down in a foreign country.

Through a feature called the RocApply Community we go an extra mile to connect the students from different cultural backgrounds within their institutions as well as make it easy for students from the same country or cultural background to connect with each other in foreign countries or cities they are studying at.

RocApply has succeeded in offering students, universities, colleges, education institutions and academics a new way to find, evaluate, analyse, apply and accept university applications online in a seamless as well as transparent manner.

Value Proposition Students
RocApply for Students

RocApply was specifically designed and curated to help students in the best way possible. It enables students to simply search, find programs, universities and apply directly through RocAppy for FREE. RocApply team is available 24-7 to provide assistance.

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RocApply for Universities

For decades universities have been losing opportunities to entice the most qualified students around the world to apply to their respective institutions due to application process complexity and bureaucracy of which RocApply rectifies that problem.

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RocApply Mission

The RocApply mission is simple and straightforward, we want to simplify the university application process for all students and universities through consolidation all services in one platform and providing a one-stop solution for all parties involved.

Value Proposition Students
RocApply Aim

As the first comprehensive university application platform to bridge the university/college application gap on a global scale through strategic partnerships, we aim to be the go-to platform for respective universities but most importantly students.

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RocApply is given you different options to enable you pay in any currency, from anywhere in the world. Choose an option from any of out payment options available below and make payments in a secure and safe environment.

How RocApply works

What you can do to help RocApply

There are a few things you can do to help RocApply and be part of our expanding family:

1. If you’re not sure where to start when using our platform don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

2. If you liked our services share RocApply within your social media community.

3. Provide feedback. Got something to say or contribute? Email us with your thoughts at [email protected]

4. If you’re a university/college, get in touch to find out about being onboarded to our platform and receiving a greater reach.

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