Bachelor's in Arts
Zerah Business School

Degree: Bachelor's in Business Management - Accounting & Finance (BSc) (Online/Blended Learning)
Program Language: English
Admission Semester: Spring (March)Fall (November)
Start Date: September 2022
Program Duration: (3 yrs) 6 semesters


Semester Tuition Fees: 2950 Euro
Other Fees: In case of extension, extra fees will be charged. Please pay attention to the acceptance letter for actual amounts to be paid.
Cost of living: 250 - 500 euros per month
Job opportunities: Part-time jobs for students are competitive throughout the city. These part-time jobs usually pay from 300 to 500 euros depending on the type of work.
Funding opportunities within the university: Universities usually offer part-time opportunities to students who constantly excel academically.

Program details

Educational organisation: Triagon Academy (Campus Malta)
Study abroad: Opportunity Available
Internships: Opportunity Available
Form of assessment: GPA Grade
ECTS credits: Each course in the program (Electives & Prerequisites) commands a certain amount of credit points.
Program objectives: Business Management - Accounting & Finance (BSc)

Minimum cost of living

Accomodation: 130 - 280 Euro / month
Food: 70 Euro / month
Cost of living: 250 Euro / month
Transportation: Free, the University offers shuttles


Language requirements: English Proficiency
Academic requirements:

- High School

- A-level Certificate


1. High School & A-Level Certificates

2. Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)

3. Passport Copy


Arrival support: Support Available - Provided by the university
Services and support for international students: Support Available - Provided by the university

*Off-Campus options available

*On-Campus options available


About Zerah Business School:

Zerah Business School is an international business school wıth a global dynamic and outlook. The school offers state-of-the-art online education for different majors. It facilitates completion of all stages of study included in traditional university courses. The business school specializes in lobbying, political science, communications and public relations, all of which are extremely important in many parts of the world, where political systems are just emerging in many countries. . Many students also have internship opportunities with EU officials, press teams, leading EU PR firms. Qualified teachers manage the entire educational process, and graduates receive a certificate from the Zerah School of Business. The world-class EMBA training offered here offers the opportunity for greater impact and success.

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About Malta:

The small island state of Malta with approximately 490,000 inhabitants and the size of the Gaza strip has had quite an interesting history. Malta is a small island archipelago nation and the fifth smallest in Europe located in the mediterranean sea just about 80 kilometers south of Sicily in Italy. Made up of many small islets with the three main islands of Malta (where about 90% of the population lives), Gozo and Comino. The country is divided into 5 regions and further divided into 68 local councils with the capital in Valletta which is located at the northeastern side of the main island. The country only has one major airport Malta International (MAL) and transportation across the country is by ferry. UNESCO has named the capital city Valletta as the most concentrated historical city in the world. Malta may be small but the country has centuries worth of history that has played major roles in the modern civilization of the European continent.

About the city:

Floriana is a suburb of Valletta that shares some of its impressive port walls. It is located within the walls of the capital, all the way to Portes des Bombes on the main access road of Valletta. Floriana is named after Pietro Floriani, a 17th-century military engineer who was commissioned by the Knights to expand Valletta's fortress in 1636. Floriana shaped the entire castle town in front of Valletta. The city is very open to the public and visitors. It is also famous for its gardens and a plethora of beautiful houses.

Highlights include Granary Square overlooking the Agotti Gardens in St. Phillips Bastion, a fitting addition to Fort Philippe. Interestingly, it is also where the Temple of Publius is located. The vast rocky rice square hides the deep silos built in the late 17th century to feed Valletta during the war.