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Student Life in Malta

Opportunities abound! The extra-curricular dimension of Maltese student life will certainly leave you leaving higher education feeling accomplished and more well-rounded. In this bustling community one can find Malta's very own Model United Nations Society, a recent addition to the roster having been founded in 2013.  Mdina is the old capital, Fontanella definitely a place to go and tea garden there, they have delicious chocolate and banana cakes. Here students dont  run out f fun.

Speaking of great entertainment, you may consider St. Julian's, the nightlife hub, and Valetta, the UNESCO protected capital city, which are the most popular choices. There are also awesome clubs available on the smaller island of Gozo, which offers a more rustic, sleepy lifestyle by contrast with the bustle of Malta. Regular ferries connect the two islands. English is spoken by the Maltese tutors with a quirky accent. It is based firmly on old fashioned, BBC-style English and learning here offers an alternative to U.S. style courses and pronunciation equally satsifactory.

There are also a number of student organisations which will ensure you have an awesome time here and the nightlife is also great - drinks are cheap, there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs and locals tend to go out almost every day especially in summer. 

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