Malta Visa Requirements


Malta Visa Requirements

Malta is a member of the Schengen Area, but students from within the EU, EEA or Switzerland require a visa to study in Malta for more than three months. Students from elsewhere require a visa irrespective of the duration of their stay. After arrival and registration at the university, all international students who stay for more than three months (i.e. 90 days) should apply for a residence document.

At the time of the first arrival, students should be in possession of a return air ticket to their country of origin, or its value in cash/bank draft, together with a bank statement indicating that they have sufficient funds to cover at least one year's tuition fees plus approximately €48 euro per day (€17,520 a year), which is calculated to be sufficient for one academic year's accommodation and living expenses.

The eligibility requirements for student visas are relatively straightforward, but there is a long list of pieces of documentation required in order to receive a visa. Some of these are:0; understanding of the essential aspects of business theory and practice.

Furthermore, case studies, project work, corporate visits, guest speakers, and networking events are integrated into the courses allowing me to test and continually apply what I‘ve learned in the real world with companies and industry professionals. To further refine my skill-sets needed to be a successful manager, foreign language courses, and a global exposure, together with additional communication workshops and management seminars will accompany my studies.

Why have you chosen to study at X University in Malta?

The following sample answer has to be edited and modified according to the institution you would like to study in:0; all industries need strong leaders, managers, financial advisors, and market-savvy decision-makers. Hence, I am assured that the course curriculum will deliver me success. This course will improve my performance and career aspects in life. Upon completion of my course, I can work as a Business Development Manager, Management Analyst or Consultant, Sales Manager, International Trader, Finance Controller, and many more.

What are the course modules that you will be studying in your course?

Please have a look at your acceptance letter for all the details about your course.

Who is the president of Malta?

Please mention the name of the current president for example as of 2020 Dr George Vella is the tenth President of the Republic of Malta, by virtue of a Parliamentary Resolution passed on 7th March 2019 by the House of Representatives.


What other things do you know about Malta?

The student is free to say what he or she knows about Malta but RocApply has prepared a lot of material for students to read from https:0

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