Flights To Malta

 Flights to Malta

On travelling to the island of South Cyprus, international students have a wide variety of aviation to choose from. South Cyprus experiences an influx of flights from all over the world mainly from European destinations.

There are several aviation options that fly into the country however the main two airlines are local Cyprus Airways and the Greek-based Aegean airways. For assistance with flight reservations, kindly notify RocApply so that our team timely assists if need be. South Cyprus has two main airports with an estimated influx of approximately over 5 million visitors annually between them.

  • Larnaca International Airport largest and located in the East
  • Paphos International Airport  located in the west

On arrival at the airport, representative university staff wearing university regalia and carrying banners is stationed to welcome and assists international students with post arrival arrangements and transportation. From the airport, most universities are largely accessible (maximum being 1hr 30mins from Larnaca to Paphos) and airports have local shuttle services that carry students to their respective universities free of charge around the city.



How much does a Flight Ticket to South Cyprus Cost?

Fight prices to South Cyprus differ depending on where you come from or where you will be travelling from, however, we can guarantee you that there are multiple of fights to South Cyprus s and they are usually affordable. 

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