Study in Malta

Studying abroad can be difficult for most students who feel nervous about living in an unfamiliar environment for an extended period of time. For such, Malta is a wonderful destination.

Not only is it an English-speaking country (Maltese and English are the nation’s official languages), students from all over the world live on the island, making it highly diverse and welcoming.

English-speaking students are able to communicate with the locals easily and navigate the island efficiently. This island offers quite a unique experience ranging from vast entertainment to its amazing scenery.

Studying in a foreign country can be challenging for many students who may feel anxious about living in an unfamiliar environment for an extended period of time. However, Malta is an excellent destination for students who wish to study abroad.

Not only is it an English-speaking country - with Maltese and English as the official languages - but it's also a highly diverse and welcoming place where students from all over the world live on the island.

English-speaking students can easily communicate with locals and navigate the island with ease. Malta offers a unique experience with a variety of entertainment options and breathtaking scenery.

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About Malta

This small southern European country is best known as a popular tourist destination, but if you’d like to stay longer than a two-week holiday, why not choose to study in Malta?

One of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries, Malta is a group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Italy.Life in Malta is unique and special in all terms.

The three largest of these, Malta Island, Gozo and Comino – are inhabited, with a total resident population of roughly 420,000.

A Gateway to Opportunity: Malta, an archipelago in the Mediterranean, is more than just a picturesque holiday destination. It’s a gateway to educational and professional opportunities, particularly appealing to students from developing countries. With its rich history, Malta offers a unique blend of European and Mediterranean cultures, making it a vibrant and diverse place to live and study.

Educational Excellence: The Maltese educational system is recognized globally for its high standards. Universities in Malta, such as the University of Malta, are known for their academic rigor and diverse range of programs, many of which are taught in English. These institutions provide a supportive environment for international students, featuring modern facilities, experienced faculty, and a focus on both academic and practical learning.

Multicultural Hub: Malta is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and histories. This multicultural environment is not only conducive to learning about different cultures but also offers a welcoming atmosphere for students from various backgrounds. International students in Malta find it easy to blend in and become part of the community, enriching their educational experience.

Living in Malta: Life in Malta is a balance of modern conveniences and rich cultural experiences. The cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other European countries, making it an attractive option for students on a budget. The island offers a safe, friendly, and relaxed lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for leisure and exploration.

Scenery: Malta’s waters are a haven for diverse Mediterranean marine life, featuring vibrant sea creatures and clear vistas. The seascape is enriched by historical shipwrecks, now thriving marine habitats. Alongside, Malta's exquisite beaches add to its allure, making it a remarkable destination.

Academic excellence: Famous for its cinematic allure, historic knights, and stunning beaches, Malta is more than just a holiday locale. Home to top-tier educational institutions like the University of Malta, known for its comprehensive academic programs, Malta promises a rich learning experience. Start your remarkable educational journey in Malta. Apply today, and we'll guide you in securing a spot at a preferred Maltese institution, ensuring an enriching academic experience.

Security: Before traveling, assessing the safety of a destination is crucial, especially regarding crime and natural disasters. Malta stands out as a secure choice for those seeking a safe academic setting. Although tourist-heavy areas in Malta may experience minor incidents like pickpocketing, typical of any popular destination, the country is generally known for its low crime rates. Malta is known as one of Europe's safest destinations, offering a secure environment for both living and studying.

Entertainment: Malta’s nightlife is electrifying, especially for club enthusiasts. Its coastal bars and venues are hotspots for live music fans, often featuring spontaneous performances by globally renowned artists. The island's splendid weather facilitates year-round outdoor concerts. 

Why Study in Malta

Affordable Tuition Fees in Malta
Malta is an exciting destination known for its diverse and colorful marine life, which is considered one of the best in the Mediterranean. The Maltese waters are home to a range of sea creatures, and there are many complex underwater vistas to explore. Additionally, there are ancient shipwrecks that have turned into habitats for marine life, adding to the underwater experience.
Aside from its amazing marine life, Malta also boasts of numerous beautiful beaches, which make it an attractive destination for tourists.
Affordable Accomodation in Malta
Academic Excellence 

While it’s famous for a cinematic falcon, Catholic knights, beautiful cathedrals and stunning beaches, Malta is much more than a vacation destination.

Malt boasts with some of the finest institutions of learning in the world. An example is the University of Malta which offers students rich and diverse curricula.

There is no doubt you will experience an outstanding academic journey here, make your application today and we will help secure a vacancy in your most desired institution in Malta.

International Environment in Malta

It is quite a prerequisite for anyone before they travel to consider how secure is their destination in terms of crime and catastrophes. If you're looking for a safe academic environment, Malta is your most ideal destination.

While the more touristy areas of Malta do attract pickpockets and scammers (just like every tourist destination on earth), Malta is largely crime-free and is known as being one of the safest destinations in all of Europe.

Great Weather in Malta

Speaking of clubs. Malta has a thrilling club scene.

Fans of live music will love the seaside bars and venues, where some of the world’s most popular live acts can be seen performing impromptu concerts.

With its gorgeous weather, there are outdoor concerts all year long. Malta is a paradise for anyone who’s a fan of rock climbing, hiking, watersports, soccer, sailing or just lying on the beach making your study a lifetime memory.

Scholarships in Malta

In most cases, international students in Malta are offered a 50% scholarship by the universities, however, students who achieve or have achieved extraordinary academic qualification are subject to more scholarship opportunities.

Students who also maintain an impressive academic average during the course of their studies in Malta are subject to a scholarship which is renewed on a semester basis on condition that the student manages to maintain that impressive average. The exact specific average to be maintained in order to secure the scholarship depends on respective universities, however, all the information is provided on the RocApply program page.

Consistently high achieving students are also eligible to several incentives such as stipend, work opportunities and university and government bursaries. Visit RocApply program page for specific detail regarding various incentives and requirements per university.

Universities in Malta also offer students with incredible sports-related achievements scholarships, therefore, it is important to notify RocApply officials of your sporting achievements so that they may help you as a student to secure a scholarship.

Malta Student Visa

Each and every student regardless of the nationality is required by the law in Malta to have a valid student visa with him or her all the time while studying in Malta. The visa is officially issued by the Migration Department of Malta.

Students are eligible to apply for a Malta student visa soon after acquiring the acceptance letter and paying the respective tuition fees of the university.

It is possible to bring your family with you to Malta for your studies, however, it should be your immediate family members such as spouse and kids. There is also a possibility for your friends and other family members to visit you during your studies in Malta but they have to submit the student’s residence permit or student visa in order to obtain the visitor’s visa.

It is also possible to change or transfer to a different university while studying in Malta but immigration offices have to be notified of the development and a new residence permit or student visa will be offered. Full-time international Students are expected to attend the majority of their classes without failure.

RocApply team expects students to apply for a student visa 3 months in advance to avoid any foreseeable complications, therefore, please contact [email protected] for more clarification and process explanation if needed.