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Life in a foreign land is not easy for students. The universities have to find ways to accommodate them and make sure they fit in well into the new place. Students Affairs departments have a direct connection to the students and have to make sure they provide activities that will accommodate foreign students. Below are some of the activities that students can take up to make life easier and transition easier in a foreign land.

Camping- students in Mali can take up camping activities. They can visit historic cities like Timbuktu for camping and enjoy the great desert outdoors. Students can get to interact and get to know each other through such activities.

Social Clubs- It is usually recommended for students to at least join a social club. Groups provide a better experience and teach a lot to students while they also learn from their counterparts. Such clubs include drama clubs, chess clubs, debate clubs to name but a few. 

Sporting clubs-Mali is a soccer-loving nation and people worship soccer. Students can join a soccer club to showcase their talent or any other sporting cub where they can unwind and enjoy themselves while keeping fit.

Clubbing/ late movies- clubbing provides the best form of entertainment for students. Those who want to enjoy a night out on the dance floor can dance the night away at any of the clubs in Mali and those who would rather have a relaxed night would settle for a night at the movies.

Team Building activities-team building events and outdoor boot camps can be a great way to enjoy university life in a foreign land and to make new friends as well.

Trekking- students can embark on trekking through the desert in Mali. They can travel around and see the great dunes of the Sahel as a group and learn a bit about desert life and camping out in the desert. 




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