Jobs for Students in Malaysia

Student Jobs in Malaysia

In order to make a living and subsidies their pockets, international students are freely allowed to secure part time jobs in Malaysia. This come on the basis of working park time jobs with limited hours (20 hours) during the semester, while in summer of during breaks students are allowed to work or longer. Some of the numerous job opportunities include working in:

  • Hotels, supermarkets, street markets
  • Petrol stations, bars, restaurants
  • Housekeeping
  • English teaching
  • English proofreading or translating
  • School facilities e.g. library, cafe, student’s office

 With regards to remuneration, the wages in Malaysian are not necessarily best in the world but allow students to get by and supplement their daily needs. On average after one weeks works students may get paid $40-$60. However, in most cases, this is often substantial to augment a student’s budget and it is also important to note this may vary with the type of employment, season, and agreed on conditions with your employee.

To work in Malaysia will need a valid student permit/pass. The process in handled by the respective student’s university which also reports to the Malaysian immigration office. In general, to obtain a student permit the following requirements must be met:

  • Completing the application fee and approx. 30usd service fee
  • Applicants passport information page photocopy
  • Employees’ details including address contacts and identification documents
  • Supporting letter recommending the applicant by their university.

If successful, the applicant is eligible for a second phase interview where they will be notified of their success or failure in qualifying or a student permit. After acquiring a pass and having it inserted in the students passport regular reports and technicalities are often required to monitor and check the applicant’s academic progress as well.

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