Application Requirements for Luxembourg Universities

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The application process is primarily done online on our application page, we receive online applications from international students for Luxembourg.

Application Procedure

Find your preferred program; we understand that nowadays, finding the right program is not as clear-cut as it seems, a lot of factors go into choosing the right course to study. That is why here at RocApply, we advise our students considerably on what options they like and what options are more relevant to their academic profile.

  • Submit an online application in any of the selected universities in Luxembourg for the desired course/program.
  • Upload all the required documents for admission consideration
  • Once the online application is completed, a confirmation would be sent to your email with the application details, print it, and attached physical copies of the uploaded documents and send in your complete application file before the deadline reaches.
  • As the application proceeds, students who have successfully been accepted would be notified.
  • It takes 3 to 4 weeks for the application process once it reaches the university's office of international admissions.
  • Successful applicants should proceed to pay their tuition fees, after which we will send them an official acceptance letter from the university.

Please note that the documents required for admission vary from university to university and from one program to the next, however, transcripts, certificates, degrees, results, proof of language proficiency, international passport, birth certificate, and other documentation requested for at the discretion of individual institutions in Luxembourg.

Also, to increase the chances of getting accepted, we encourage all our applicants to apply to more than one university in Luxembourg.

"The simplicity of the RocApply application process is what drove me to use them, I did not even need to be guided through the application process" Melissa Yaslov from Russia

Documents required for :

  • - Payment and proof of payment of the tuition fees for one year (10,635 for physiotherapy programmes and 9,735 Euros for other programmes), before the semester start to complete your registration at Luxembourg Universities and before starting the visa request. Documents required for the state of Luxembourg for the Visa process:
  • -  Full-colour copy of all passport pages, which must be valid for one year.
  • -  Original or certified true copy of an extract from your criminal record or an affidavit (sworn declaration) established in the country of residence.
  • -  Proof of sufficient resources, i.e. 15,190.00 € to cover living expenses and return travel costs. (i.e. original document of the certificate of scholarship or student loan or original bank certificate and a bank statement for the past 6 months from you or your sponsor, or original financial statement of support signed by a sponsor of Luxembourgish nationality or staying legally in Luxembourg)
  • -  A health insurance certificate covering illness in Luxembourg (travel insurance). If the documents are not in English, French or German, an official translation is required.

RocApply helps students apply to any university. If you have questions about the application process or the university itself please do not hesitate to contact us any anytime at [email protected] or through our phone, Whatsapp or Viber: +49 151 12975441 

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