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(KSU) | Kazimiero Simonavičiaus universitetas

Kazimieras Simonavicius University

Number of students
1500€ - 3000€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
September 10, April 11
Application Deadline
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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

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Cost of living at Kazimieras Simonavicius University

160 - 250 Euro / month
350 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 - 200 Euro / month
29 Euro / month

Why Study at Kazimieras Simonavicius University

International Study Environment

A largely diversified, friendly and united racial environment (students from over 50 countries), hence new students can easily assimilate and feel at home.

Modern Infrastructure

The university employs a good number of field experts and skilled academicians and researchers. There are over 1,000 supervisory staff members from many leading institutions of education in the world that deliver professional-level tutoring and experience.


In addition to internship placements in many fortune 500 companies, the university also promotes business and entrepreneurship amongst its students.

Student-Friendly City

Vilnius is a great environment to live and study, the people are very warm and generous and the weather is very favorable. The quality of life is very good and the roads are very safe. Vilnius is also an environmentally-conscious city where recycling and energy saving is a huge deal. Distances are very short, and you have everything at your disposal that you may need as a student.

Accommodation Kazimieras Simonavicius University

On Campus Accomodation at Kazimieras Simonavicius University
Off Campus Accomodation at Kazimieras Simonavicius University

About Vilnius

Vilnius is a historical treasure of Lithuania, as well as the country's capital and most populous city. After independence in 1990, the city continued to grow and develop, and in the following years, it became more attractive and tolerant of modernity and progressivism.

Vilnius city center consists of 5 main districts; The Old Town is one of Europe's largest surviving medieval old towns. After centuries of development, it has the largest architectural remains on the European continent.

The Republic of Uzupis calls itself the Republic and is the city's art district, with all its shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Šnipiškĕs used to be the most prosperous area of the city but has now been transformed into a central business district with several companies and corporate institutions.

In this context, Vilnius (Filnius) was named the most attractive technology startup city by the Financial Times in 2019. Žvĕrynas area is the greenest area in the city center and has a very suburban vibe.

The new city is the fifth and last district of Vilnius. Reconstruction and infrastructure development are very fast. The area is a modern city and attracts a large number of Lithuanian immigrants every year.

Vilnius is a very strategic city loyal to its cultural heritage but adapted to the new world. This city is the hometown of people from all walks of life and all ethnic groups.

Very beautiful, very beautiful, this is what you think of when you talk about Vilnius. This city showcases various architectural expressions and strengths.

This may be due to the interesting history of this fascinating city, which is not always the capital of Lithuania. However, more than five centuries ago until the 18th century, Vilnius was the political and cultural center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

In 1994, the Old Town of Vilnius was named the "UNESCO World Heritage Site" for retaining its impressive Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical architecture, and medieval architecture.

When visiting Vilnius, Vilnius’s 2009 "It is easy to understand why it was chosen as the European Capital of Culture.

Like all cities in Lithuania, Vilnius has many restaurants. Lithuanian beer is recognized as the best beer in the world. Pair it with delicious local bread and cheese or ethnic delicacies (such as "Zeppelin"), and you can drink it with bubbly potato pancakes stuffed with meat or potato sausage and pancakes.

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