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Student Life in Lithuania

Indeed, it depends on what you study and where. Lithuania has a ridiculously high number of universities, and although most of them offer similar degrees, the differences between the quality of life of the student can actually be huge. Generally speaking, medical degrees and certain programmes in economics, political sciences, the military, and some engineering studies can be very demanding and take a lot of time and effort, while studies in languages, education, sports, hospitality, agriculture, and a variety of other fields tend to come with a much more relaxed schedule. I would like to emphasise again that this is a steep generalisation.

Regardless, some aspects of student life are common to most. For example, most young Lithuanians move away from home to enter a university, so many live in dorms or rent an apartment which they share with a bunch of roommates. It is not uncommon to share an actual room, as it helps students save money. It is not exactly typical for students to work part time to support themselves, since the current state of employment in the country does not offer many opportunities to do so. Many students try to achieve a scholarship through earning high grades, and it is very common to be supported by one’s parents or relatives in this state.

Each member of the academic community can find a place in the university where they can satisfy their needs for relaxation, develop their personalities, expand horizons and meet similarly minded people. Academic organizations and clubs at the university draw together students and teachers with diverse needs and interests, providing space for fruitful discussions, exchange of opinions and ideas. You do need to know that most universities still follow a semester based system, with two very intense exam sessions every year. Others follow a course based system, distributing exams over the course of the year. Summer months - July and August - are normally free of lectures.

As a student in Lithuania, you get many discounts. There are student discounts available for getting around the country through public transport, for eating at restaurants, etc.  The cost of living varies depending upon the lifestyle, facilities and location. On an average, a student can expect to pay between LTL 1000 and 2500. Public transportation is cheap in Lithuania. A monthly ticket for public transportation is about 15 EUR. 

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