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Student Accommodation in Lithuania


If you prefer to have more space, or to live in a certain area of Kaunas or have other reasons, you may choose renting a flat. The rental prices vary depending on the number of rooms, location, living conditions, period of rent, etc. Average rent prices are from 500 to 1000 Lt (~145-300 EUR) per month for a flat (1–3 rooms).

Rooms are furnished with beds, wardrobe, desk and desk chairs, also equipped with the fridge, microwave and teakettle. The student does not need to bring the bedding and bed linen, as he/she will get it in the dormitory, but the dormitory administration does not provide towels. The student also has to buy the kitchenware (flatware, cups, plates, etc.) upon arrival. The kitchen (bathroom as well) will be shared with other students.

Most if not all rooms are supplied with internet connection, but not computers, thus, the student has to bring his/her own computer or rent it upon arrival on some big campuses. To apply for accommodation in the Students’ Dormitory, please send the Application Form for Accommodation together with other application documents to RocApply . Accommodation in the private sector is also available, but International Relations Office does not mediate in finding a flat and dealing with its owner. The rental price for a flat varies considerably from district to district and depends on the number of rooms, living conditions, period of rent, etc. To rent a 1-2 room flat may cost from € 130 to € 300 per month or more, plus public utilities. The owner usually wants to get the payment three or more months in advance.

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