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Tuition fees and living costs are averagely high in Libya than in the rest of the neighborhood, thus a little extra funding is still likely to come in handy for many international students. This is however not the case with public institutions. The tuition here is low. If you choose one of them, a scholarship may be difficult to get as most organizations will focus on education from private institutions! The scholarships premier every year beginning of January and students are therefore encouraged to take notice during this period for any available scholarships!

The university level is comprised of 4-5 years of financial aid and in some rare cases 6 years depending on your study program. As the postgraduate level is more research-based and technical by which you can achieve your doctorate level thus given priority in the scholarship programs. The funding is mostly facilitated by the Ministry of Education for Tertiary Education in Libya and Private Organizations such as NGOs. Libya institutions also offer various scholarships for its students to study abroad in various institutions and universities.

Institutions here also offer merit scholarships to those who have outstanding academic records. Scholarships are granted for the program the student is enrolled in and is continued throughout the regular period of the student's education. The normal duration of the scholarship is four years for those who start directly as a freshman. Below you will find a selection of current study abroad scholarships and funding opportunities on offer to those hoping to study in Libya. You can check with our team for any available scholarships at the moment through our RocApply email.

  • Fullbright Scholarship Program
  • Libya government scholarships for international students
  • Chevening scholarships

Most of these scholarships premier their recruitment periods online, be sure to checkout constantly to get precise dates for applications and other relevant information or simply contact us through an email and we will assist you to navigate through the scholarships.


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