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What would studying abroad be like without an amazing nightlife? A question that has the most obvious answer across the globe. When you step into Libya all your uncertainties are clarified in just one experience; the Libyan Nightlife! When you stay a little late in Libya you will experience the gleam of a new paradise arise in the streets and secluded spots that offer no less than what an international visitor would imagine best! If Arabic Nightlife is in your list of priorities, Libya will certainly catch all your attention.

This is a country with a wide range of night time spots to suit everyone’s taste. It’s possible to dine in a fine restaurant in the capital or relax after a hard day in one of the many coffee shops and then go on to a theatre or watch movies at the local cinemas around the city. Clubs and bars in the country for travelers include recommendations on where to find the best bars and clubs in the Libyans capital. If clubbing does not take your fancy then a quiet drink may do. Bars here offer a social drink and a chance to meet new people in the country.

The country is one of the strictest countries in the Arab world, with a total ban on alcohol and drugs, neither of which are openly available or can be brought into the country. The hotels have bars were locals, mostly men or just-married couples, come and sip an alcohol-free juice cocktail. A few cafes in downtown the capital serve mint tea, juices, and water pipes, known locally as or, until later in the evening. You can identify yourself with these smoothies for a great time out!

The most popular is by the Ottoman clock tower inside the gate of the medina, the cafe in the park on Green Square, and the beautiful Café Salim, Midan al-Gaza'ir in the Italian arcade adjacent to the former cathedral. Natives tend to go for an evening stroll on the promenade on the seafront and Green Square or have a picnic in the little park. Cultural performances are rare in the cities, and often not advertised.

Nightlife here is almost nonexistent, even after the fall of the regime. Indeed, many young people from the northeastern part of the country head to neighboring countries for nightlife fixes. Under Gaddafi, nightclubs, bars, and concert venues were abolished. Underground venues occasionally pop up in Tripoli or Benghazi but are frowned upon, and you will have to ask around to find them. Drinking alcohol remains unlawful, although some travelers might be can find locally-made wines.


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