Libya Pre school Application Requirements

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Parents have to provide some documents as required by various schools to be enrolled at Libyan institutions. These include the child’s documents and the documents for the legal guardian or parent.

  • recent Passport size photos (these differ according to schools)
  • a Child’s vaccination record- an original and a photocopy
  • a Birth certificate- an original and a photocopy
  • a Family book- an original and a photocopy
  • Parents passport- an original and a photocopy
  • 8  Personal Photos
  • A copy of the family booklet
  • A Health file
  • National Number sealed.
  • Parents or legal guardians Identification documents
  • Study visa
  • consent letter from the parents or legal guardian
  • non-refundable application fee
  • For minors a copy of the parent's residence permit (if they are residing in Libya)
  • Proof of residence in Libya

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