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As RocApply we understand how vital it is for you to have a steady shopping lifestyle in a foreign land! For that reason, we have shortlisted the most popular places in Kyrgyzstan where one should shop to bag some of the most amazing items in the country at very reasonable costs.

Hence, here are the best guide for shopping in Kyrgyzstan. Shopping is something that intrigues everyone and something that is loved by almost everyone.

Barring a few scarce people, everyone loves shopping and is always on the lookout for good places to shop at. This merriment of shopping scales up to new levels when you are visiting a new city or even a country like Kyrgyzstan.

In the case of Kyrgyzstan, a country having immense historical and cultural importance, you can hardly keep yourself off the markets and places for shopping in Kyrgyzstan that offers a variety of products!

The capital offers an amazing shopping experience, as you can find a variety of interesting local products, such as uniquely-crafted Kyrgyz rugs, handmade pottery, and jewelry made with semiprecious stones from the mountains in the area.

Take this self-guided tour to tour the stores, boutiques, and markets of Kyrgyzstan. If you like shopping then be sure to immerse yourself in the shopping culture of the locals here!

You'll know you're truly in Central Asia when you travel to the markets and bazaars in Osh, some of which have been in continuous operation for years and sometimes thousands of years! As an important stop on the Great Silk Road,

Osh welcomed traders, merchants, and foreigners as an oasis of hospitality, rest, and economic happenings. That spirit still lives every second. Grab your bag and explore Osh!

No Central Asian traveler should leave the region without experiencing the bustle and hum of events at a local bazaar. And for the truly adventurous, head to an early morning animal market as locals take part in lively negotiations that are sure to entertain.

Whether you're in search of a great souvenir, a bag of nuts or dried fruit for your upcoming trek, spices to take home with you to make plov at home, or if you’re simply guided by zest, you’ll locate a friendly welcome and all you need at our markets and souvenir shops.

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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