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Walking around the country during the day, it's hard to imagine that there is the nightlife in Kyrgyzstan. Let's face it, the capital of Kyrgyzstan is rather calm. It's hard to see bright colors in the city, and people don't look like they can move a leg all night long.

We hurry to pleasantly surprise you, in Kyrgyzstan, there is not just nightlife, it is also very diverse. There are several well-known clubs, bars, and pubs here.

Maybe because of the influence of movies, magazine articles, and online blog posts, we do not tend to relate Kyrgyzstan with much nightlife, full of popular tourist resorts, modern public houses and discotheques, and more.

In short, Kyrgyzstan does not come across as a hip and happening region. Well, the time has come to shatter any such notions you may have. For if you do not know, the country is indeed one of the ideal destinations to party hard till the sun comes up!

There are scores of clubs, pubs, discotheques, bars, restaurants, cafes, and more things to do here that will keep you entertained throughout the night.

Some of the most renowned DJs and artists of the world take charge here and they never let the spirit of Kyrgyzstan nightlife die down.

Do not waste your time mindlessly wandering in search of nightclubs, pubs, and pub crawl in Kyrgyzstan. We have hand-picked four places for you to enjoy the nightlife in Kyrgyzstan to the fullest.

In Asuncion, the capital, there are numerous bars, casinos, and nightclubs offering a different ambiance depending on what you are searching for.

The most popular traditional music styles in the country are polcas and guaranias, which have slow and romantic rhythms and which are used as serenades the polca is often played to signal the end of a party or closing time in a club.

However, a medley of music can be found on an average night out almost everywhere.

The country is a great cultural hub that offers a lot of traditional dishes as well as jolly nightlife. It has nothing in common with nightlife in some other countries but still is pretty interesting.

The capital here boasts numerous casinos, discos, and bars as well. There is so much to experience and enjoy here no matter what your preferences may be. You may enjoy in local bars and restaurants polcas and guaranias melodies here.

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