Study in Kyrgyzstan

Studying abroad is everyone’s dream especially in an amazing country full of sites and places to explore. RocApply welcomes you to Kyrgyzstan Study Abroad!

For the adventurous student looking to explore the path less traveled, Kyrgyzstan's sprawling landscape, hilly landscapes, and countless historic treasures are irresistible. Studying here is something that will couple your memory for a lifetime!

Many international students study in Kyrgyzstan and benefit from these educational institutes. Various universities have international students therefore the educational institutes have become a center of international learning.

The Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic stated everyone has the right to inclusive education. Regulation of higher education is carried out in accordance with the Law over academics.

The National Accreditation Board agency stands strong with the standards of the educational institutes. They monitor the functioning of the universities via the ministry of education. They have leveled up the standards of academics here.

This quality control method ensures that the educational institutes offer world-class education, as a result, there is a lot of competition amongst the institutes.

However, a lot of international institutions work in cooperation with Kyrgyz institutions to ensure the latter offer internationally recognized education and empowerment.

Many international students fly for a semester abroad here each year-round, Kyrgyzstan is the best option for an international degree if you have a taste for a calm and moderate, easy-going lifestyle. RocApply will help you figure what’s best for you here.

İn recent years the Kyrgyz tertiary academic sector has transitioned from traditional systems to many modernized methods. Scientific research has become the focal point for the country’s institutions, thereby attracting global recognition in the academic sphere!

A qualification here will propel you to greater heights on the international job market without any hassle. Students from the institutions are outstanding scientific and research fields!

A semester abroad in Kyrgyzstan will give a unique experience and grow your prospects beyond simple horizons! Not only that but you will get the opportunity to improve your Russian and speak like a native since this is the primary language here and is spoken widely across the country!

To earn an international degree with Kyrgyz institutions all you have to do is Apply with RocApply today and get prepared for your eagerly awaited study abroad with easy and no financial strain on your end!!

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About Kyrgyzstan

We know you are still intrigued to know much about this country, exactly why we have dedicated this portion to level up your insight concerning facts about Kyrgyzstan. Be sure to go through this guide to comprehend what manner of country is Kyrgyzstan!

Do not only limit yourself to this guide but also ogle through our filters across the website to widen your understanding further on other related facets.

The country is located in Central Asia and although not an obvious first choice for a study destination, it will absolutely shock you with its incredible mountainous scenarios, nomadic traditions, and simple life.

Most of the universities were founded after independence, which means you will have access to relatively untouched facilities, but this also means some of the programs may still be going through an evolution process.

Kyrgyz is closely related to other Turkic languages, although Russian continues to be widely spoken and is an official language, a legacy of a century of Russification. Students from abroad find adapting to the country very easy as the locals also thrive in the spoken English language.

The majority of the population are non-denominational Muslims also. In addition to its Turkic origins, Kyrgyz culture bears elements of Persian, Mongolian, and Russian influence making it a globalized typical European nation!

Kyrgyzstan is a popular destination to study for international students. All those students who are unable to seek medical admission especially in Medical universities.

There are a lot of international institutions working in co-operation with Kyrgyz education institutions to ensure the latter offer internationally recognized education and skills.

Kyrgyzstan became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991 and is one of the more progressive countries in the region.

Kyrgyzstan is a rugged Central Asian nation along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean, the country is landlocked.

It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest, and China towards the east. Its capital and largest city are Bishkek. This is the most preferred of all towns by international students for a semester abroad!

Most of the universities in Kyrgyzstan were founded after independence, which means you will have access to relatively new facilities, but this also means some of the programs may still be going through the evolution stage.

We give you information ranging from cultural components, lifestyle, cost of living, application requirements (assuming you are a student), and flight information all in one informative piece at RocApply! We know most people would wonder where and what entails this beautiful country.

We have outlined in this guide some of the best places and highlights you should expect once you step your feet in it.

About Kyrgyzstan's Economy

We value your itinerary! This is evidenced by the services we offer students who intend to study abroad right onto our website!

We have transitioned from traditional agents that will only focus on the application process (which we do offer for free) to help the student appreciate more about their desired study abroad country.

To this aid, we have made this guide to share with you the economic performance of Kyrgyzstan to strengthen your research for the study abroad decision you made!

The Kyrgyz Republic is a land-locked, lower-middle-income nation. It has rich endowments, including minerals, forests, farming land, and pastures, and has significant potential for the expansion of its agriculture organs, hydroelectricity production, and tourism industry.

The economy is susceptible to external shocks owing to its reliance on one gold mine, Kumtor, which accounts for about 8 percent of GDP, and on worker remittances, congruent to about 28 percent of GDP in 2019.

To realize the country’s potential, economic initiatives need to be diversified through increased private sector growth and improved occupational skills and productivity.

The Kyrgyz economy has remained resistant to an adverse and volatile external context, growing at a robust 3.8% in 2016. Development was driven by a recovery of the gold sector and an increase in private consumption accelerated by increased remittances, as well as government spending.

The stabilization of the forex rate, following appreciation early in the year, and low international food prices kept inflation at bay for most of 2016. Both exports and imports contracted, exports affected by weak external demand and the enforcement of strict quality standards by the Eurasian Economic Union; and imports mostly showing low fuel prices and volumes imported.

As a result, the trade balance flourished slightly, while the current account balance was buoyed by the recovery in private transfers.

Although its financial performance gained momentum somewhat in 2016 thanks to favorable weather developments and tariff increases for non-residential consumers the energy sector remains in a precarious state.

The sector continues to face scarce fiscal resources in inefficient ways, at a time when rebuilding fiscal space is a priority. Reforming the sector is now a matter of urgent priority.

While politicians and looters in the country are exploiting this moment of uncertainty to scheme and sack or seize buildings and businesses, what is left of the government is working how it can to pull the country back from economic and healthcare catastrophes.

Pertinent trouble is looming on both fronts. The latest warning on the state of the economy has come from an expert at the Eurasian Development Bank, a lender created by the governments of Russia and Kazakhstan

DISCLAIMER: This update is as of 2020! Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic information as gathered from relevant and trusted sources as attached.

Why Study in Kyrgyzstan

Affordable Tuition Fees in Kyrgyzstan
Friendly locals

While there’re many reasons to come to Kyrgyzstan, there is one impression that lasts forever when you leave; the notable kindliness of the local people. Making friends here is unavoidable and one that touches the lives of so many students. Kyrgyz will make you think twice about returning home after your study abroad. They strongly believe in networks and therefore you will find yourself immersing in a well-connected environment here.

Affordable Accomodation in Kyrgyzstan
Competitive Qualification

The Universities in Kyrgyzstan have been recently set up hence are newer than a lot. Many international students prefer to study in Kyrgyzstan because they have a newly developed study environment, these universities are not even familiar with the outdated methods. Students will have a chance to get a competitive degree from the institution in Kyrgyzstan and widen their career prospects on the global market!

International Environment in Kyrgyzstan
Improve your job prospects

During and after your study, one thing you will attest to is the calmness of the people and their willing engagement in development circles! As a student here you will establish yourself into academic relationships that will culminate in endless opportunities after your study abroad. These networks will strengthen your understanding of the environment and avail more avenues of self-development and career advancement in different ways!!

Great Weather in Kyrgyzstan

In comparison to most of the other countries, the universities in Kyrgyzstan are most affordable. The standard of education is quite high and competitive also. Most degree programs in Kyrgyzstan take about 4 years and the total cost is estimated to be below 1900 USD and this counts for both tuition fees and accommodation. Kyrgyzstan is affordable in general. You will mot run out of budget while you study here!

Scholarships in Kyrgyzstan

Hurray! Students in Kyrgyzstan are always lucky when it comes to scholarships provided by the government and private institutions. You are here because you searched for an undergraduate or postgraduate scholarship for Kyrgyzstan.

You are not on the wrong page. We have arranged different fully funded undergraduate scholarships for students intending to study in Kyrgyzstan right here.

If you can spend your precious time to toggle through these scholarships for Kyrgyz students that can financially change your life, why not grab this opportunity.

Kyrgyzstan Student Visa

To study in Kyrgyzstan you need a Kyrgyz Student visa or permit depending on where you are coming from. RocApply is glad to assist you in figuring the best way to obtain your student visa with much hassling!

To apply for a student visa, you require a passport valid for at least six months after your intended return from Kyrgyzstan.

You will need to enter Kyrgyzstan on a standard tourist visa, then proceed to register your name and address at the nearest local police station within seven days of your arrival.