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Moving to a new country is no easy feat, especially when you are an international student. For the majority of international students, it might be your first time leaving the nest.

We no longer can turn to the comforts of our home and family like we used to, so as RocApply we understand that for many of you, starting a new chapter in a different country can be daunting.

However, do not fret! On this guide, we offer some tips to get you through adjusting to your new life as an international student. 

While studying abroad is a prestigious thing in almost every part of the world for aspirants, it can be quite frustrating to confine to the life of books throughout your course with little outdoor explorations.

For this reason, RocApply has set on this platform how you can fully utilize your idle time in Kuwait free of boredom. Be sure to check with our community feature to interact with other students from around the world and build yourself a network to get started!

Student life in Kuwait is fascinating because it not only consists of studying, it consists also of fun, making friends, some interesting and useful programs for students, and also here there are always some conferences and seminars for students across the universities.

Apart from university life, you will have the chance to explore this beautiful country. Most of the activities on offer are outdoors-based, making the country a nature lover’s dream destination. The latter statement saves the pulling factor for most students here!

Universities have Student Unions and Councils, which is a self-governed, representative body, aims to protect students' rights, discuss issues, and present the issues to their superiors.

The Student Councils aim at involving students in the scientific and research works directing them to science and promoting the future scientific potential of the universities.

Student issues that affect their everyday lives are addressed by these councils and pave way for development across several spheres during their study course.

To discover the hidden delights and treasures of the country, you’ll need an organized city tour with a guide who knows the back streets with their fascinating sights through your university faculty.

Tours can be customized to your preferences and either half-day or full-day outings that will shade highlights on the beautiful places here. Typical stops include Ah-Jahra’s Red Fort, Entertainment City, the skating rink, the Scientific Center, and the Aqua Park.

Whatever you do remember to explore preserves in the capital. The city is the largest in the country, split into three sections corresponding to the country's three ecosystems.

Not limited to marine creatures, the desert section holds denizens of the sandy wastes such as snakes, hedgehogs, and caracals, with the coastal area displaying otters and coastal fish, are the resorts here best suited for a weekend out.

The marine wildlife is the highlight, with massive tanks containing sharks, enormous crabs, rays, and diverse fish life. 

DISCLAIMER: The suggestions on these pages are based primarily on recommendations that we receive from former students. Activity lists are by no means exhaustive; rather, they are meant to give you an idea for exploring all of the ways you can get involved in Kuwait! We advise you to check by yourself what beauty lies ahead!



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