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Kazakhstan is a big draw and most impressive showstopper and an oasis of peace, where modern reality intertwines with an ancient history. An incredibly welcoming environment is intrinsic to every part of the country.

Hospitality remains an important element of daily life and you will be made to feel genuinely welcome by the people you meet. Kazakhstan truly has something for everyone to offer, apply today through RocApply Kazakh!

Study abroad in Kazakhstan to unearth this unique Central Asian culture! As an emerging study abroad destination, the country is one of the wealthiest and most accessible Eurasian countries, providing a unique window into this distinct part of the world.

Kazakhstan shares borders with Russia and China, and Russian is mostly used as the language of instruction although the official language, used in government broadcasts, is Kazakh.

Although its history as a Soviet state may have hindered its past development, the country’s current trajectory on renewal and growth has borne fruit.

The Kazakh capital Astana commands elaborate architecture as well as great riverside scenery; its social scene has blossomed along with its international immigrants in recent years, and you can find a wide range of cultural activities available, from plays to concerts to ballets.

Almaty is Kazakhstan's largest city, and its role as a hub of business, culture, and education should not be underestimated. The Kazakh people have a long-lasting tradition of hospitality, and you’re sure to experience plenty of generosity and warmth in your everyday life.

You will most likely be invited to participate in Kazakhstan’s drinking culture as well - beverages such as fermented camel milk and vodka are popular, making for a cultural experience unlike any other!

Still a new destination for international students, Kazakhstan is already garnering an outstanding reputation for higher education. Kazakhstan is a Central Asian powerhouse and is one of the wealthiest countries in the region.

The country is a blending pot of ethnicities, which diversifies the culture and education system.

The main advantages of studying in Kazakhstan are the following:

• Many degrees and masters courses are available.

• European standards of excellence and an internationally recognized Degree.

• American style universities, as well as students exchange programs with countries around the world.

• Students will gain practical and leadership skills. Students will enjoy the difference in culture and history.

• Students can choose the field of Business, Medical Science, Law, or other areas and some research opportunities are available for the right candidates.

• Schools are generally safe, as is the society, due to a police state which the country is now in.

• Transportation and communications are some of the modern conveniences you will notice in Kazakhstan.

• Health insurance for students may be obtained by purchasing travel insurance from your regular health insurance company before leaving for the country of Kazakhstan.

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About Kazakhstan

RocApply Welcomes You to Kazakhstan!!

It is not necessary to search the whole world for interesting tradition, beautiful, pristine nature or a delicate mixture of old and modern, simply visit Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, guests are made welcome as they experience the very heart of Eurasia.

The Republic of Kazakhstan, located at the heart of Eurasia, appeared on the geopolitical map in 1991. The name Kazakh, of Turkic origin, is thought to mean “free man” which is appropriate in a land historically populated by freedom-loving people.

For many years, these nomads tended vast cattle herds, pasture lands, and the rich soils of the region’s foothills and river valleys. Both the historic Silk Road and Sable Route, along which great furs were transported, passed through the region.

This made the country an important cultural, trade, and economic bridge between Asia and Europe.

Certain world towns stand out due to their distinct and memorable landmarks. The mere mention of San Francisco, for example, usually converts an image of the Golden Gate Bridge. Paris similarly summons to mind the Eiffel Tower.

For Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty offers an amazing image with its picturesque valley Medeo. Almaty is a city that successfully brings together people of different traditions. Eastern and European traditions are closely interwoven here and the city’s people are open-minded and friendly.

The city has a greatly-developed infrastructure, a solid standard of living, a strong economy, and recreational centers of international standards. Despite being the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan remains, for most, an unknown and enigmatic destination.

Even the most well-traveled foreigner will find many fascinations in Kazakhstan; mountain peaks covered with snow, massive highlands, deep rivers, parched deserts, endless fields covered with flowers, and untouched forest reserves.

Kazakhstan’s natural beauty is outstanding. The Tyan-Shan, Tarbagatay, and Altay mountains, situated in the south, south-east, and the west side of the country, gleam with snow and glaciated peaks.

The Caspian Sea, sometimes referred to as the world’s biggest lake - lies to the west and the Sary Arka steppe is home to the interesting Balkhash Lake, which is part freshwater and part saltwater.

Northern Kazakhstan has similar areas of beauty and is a hub to hundreds of picturesque glacier lakes surrounded by the pine woods of Kokshetau. It would, of course, take pages to explain all of Kazakhstan’s attractions.

The rock paintings and sculptures in the Bayan Aul national park are unquestionably unforgettable while the Kurgaldzhino natural reserve gives more than three hundred types of plants and the world’s most northern colony of flamingos.

Much emphasis is placed on the preservation of the country's many natural reserves, national parks, and their unique landscapes, vegetation, and species. The country is an excellent destination for visitors who love nature.

About Kazakhstan's Economy

The knowledge of economic performance for a given country can serve a long way in choosing which country to pick for a semester abroad! To this aid, we have made sure you keep well-informed through our RocApply Kazakhstan Economy guide what entails domestic and foreign income here.

The information is overall but you may need to read more on the reviews from trusted sources to gain a deeper understanding of the economic performance.

The country has a land area equal to that of Western Europe but one of the lowest population densities worldwide.

Strategically, it connects the large and fast-growing markets of China and South Asia and those of Russia and Western Europe by road, rail, and a port on the Caspian Sea.

Kazakhstan has transitioned from lower-middle-income to upper-middle-income status in less than two decades, moving to the latter group in 2006.

Since 2002, GDP per capita has risen sixfold and poverty incidence has fallen exponentially, significantly improving the country’s performance on the World Bank’s indicator of shared prosperity.

The global economic slowdown and internal structural weakness have challenged the sustainability of the country’s growth model. Sluggish productivity growth, excessive state involvement in the economy, and summed dependence on commodities have been the main contributors to the weak economic performance.

In 2020 Kazakhstan faced a sharp decline in economic activity and an increase in unemployment and poverty, despite the substantial fiscal response. The COVID-19 pandemic further reinforced the urgent need for reforms to reverse the slowing growth capacity.

To support a resilient and sustainable economic recovery, the country needs to promote important reforms:

• First, diversifying the economic spectrum by improving the competitiveness of its non-extractive sectors and continuing reforms in the financial area

• Second, streamlining the dominance of large state-owned enterprises in the economy, buttressing competition, and reducing the government role in deciding the allocation of resources, which distorts the environment for the parastatals

• Third, focusing on public sector institutions and reinforcing the rule of law to attract much-deemed investment.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic indices as gathered from relevant and trusted sources as attached. This update is for 2020. Sources include the UNDP Reports, World Bank, and IMF Reports!

Why Study in Kazakhstan

Affordable Tuition Fees in Kazakhstan
Multicultural environment

Thanks to many international events and convenient locations, Kazakhstan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. Each year more than five thousand international students flock here to study, enriching the multicultural environment of the country. Considering studying here sets you on the global market of graduates and you will have an experience for a lifetime.

Affordable Accomodation in Kazakhstan
Academic excellence

Kazakhstan is one of the fastest-growing economies of Eurasia and therefore, seeks to enhance its global position as an education destination for students from neighboring countries and all over the world. Degrees taught only in English and granted here are competitive across the world. The largest English language libraries located in this region will be one of the reasons for your academic success.

International Environment in Kazakhstan
Supportive environment

Kazakhs are known as warm and hospitable people. In some universities, you will enjoy drinking Kazakh tea and talking with friendly locals who will invite you to dinners. In addition to feeling the support from everyone around, institutions dedicate offices to International Students. This office helps international students make their stay productive and enjoyable.

Great Weather in Kazakhstan
Affordable prices and Scholarships

Education in Kazakhstan can be an affordable way of getting high-quality degrees taught in English. While there is no compromise in academic excellence, both tuition and living expenses remain considerably cheaper than most of the traditional education destinations. Most universities here also offer special International Fellowships that covers full tuition, thus giving more international students a chance to become part of the community.

Scholarships in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh government, by its current foreign policy, actively seeks to promote and increase the number of international students studying at Kazakhstan higher education institutes, targeting nationals from countries in Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe in particular.

This is, in part, a consequence of the government's intent and efforts at sustaining Kazakhstan's leading regional and global position.

Thus, the government appreciates the important role that education and exchange play in supporting its regional foreign policy objectives.

Scholarships are awarded to successful applicants based on their scores achieved in international or national examinations and their high school or undergraduate grades.

Full or partial scholarships are applied towards tuition for education. Therefore, students themselves are mainly responsible for providing for their accommodation, living, and travel costs.

Kazakhstan Student Visa

There are plenty of top-ranked universities in Kazakhstan. The universities, colleges, and schools are well-known in academic circles.

A vast number of international students are willing to get an education in the best universities here. To study in one of these universities, international students must get a Kazakhstan student visa.

RocApply has, making it easy for you to grasp the concept of what documentation may be needed upon visa application on this guide!