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Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

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RocApply has joined with Ritsumeikan University to encourage students to apply for their favorite programs in English or Japanese and become part of Japan’s exciting student community. Ritsumeikan University offers excellent education and has great results with a range of certifications and years of experience. At RocApply, every application is responsive and thoughtful to ensure we remain the latest platform for all your college admissions needs.

Applicants must meet all three requirements:

1. Citizenship (* Registration only in April),

 2. Qualification for university admission and

3. Knowledge of English.

1. Citizenship

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have foreign citizenship.
  • Have only Japanese citizenship and by the time of enrollment must have graduated or plan to graduate from a high school abroad or an international/foreign school in Japan.

2. Qualification for University Admission

At the time of admission to Ritsumeikan University, one of the following criteria must be met.

Applicants must meet any of the following requirements and must complete the requirements before the admission date. Otherwise, your offer to join will be canceled.

* Registration date: April 1 _ April semester, September 26 – September semester

A. You have completed a 12-year standard curriculum or equivalent curriculum established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).

B. Completed a 12-year course at an international school accredited by an international accreditation body (WASC, CIS, or ACSI).

C. Completed a 12-year course of study at a school for Japanese overseas students, which was certified as an overseas high school by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.

D. Possess an International Baccalaureate, Abitur, Baccalaureate diploma, or GCE A-level qualification.

E. Completed the 11-year standard curriculum in the country designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.

(Example: Belarus, Myanmar, Peru, Russia, Sudan, Uzbekistan)

F. Received school education in the country for less than 12 years and completed a preparatory course before entering Japan, accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.

G. Have passed an academic aptitude test equivalent to taking a standard 12-year study abroad course and turned 18.

Example: General Education Development (GED)

H. Have passed the High School Equivalent Exam (High School Final Exam) / University Entrance Exam (Entrance Qualification Exam) administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and have reached the age of 18.

I. Through individual selection, Ritsumeikan University must ascertain that an applicant's academic ability is equal to or better than those who graduated from high school over 18 years of age.

* Applicants who graduate from Korean High School are deemed to meet this requirement.

3. Knowledge of English

To demonstrate sufficient English proficiency, you must have passed one of the following tests and achieved the following minimum scores by the time you apply.

TOEFL iBT®Test: 76

IELTS Academic Module: 6.0

TOEIC®L&R Test: 740

Duolingo English Test (160-point scale): 100

*The above English language test result is not required for applicants who were trained and instructed in English only during the last 6 years of formal education before the registration date.

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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Language Documents (Where Applicable)

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Phds:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

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Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus in Rankings

  • #1 Private University in Japan (THE Impact Rankings)
  • Top 200 universities in the world (THE Global Impact Rankings)
  • #4 Private University in Japan (QS Asia University Rankings)
  • 4-Star Ranking (QS-STARS Ranking System, 2019)
  • Top Japanese University for SDG1 and SDG16

Cost of living at Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

300 - 460 Euro / month
795 Euro / month
Cost of living
190 Euro / month
45 Euro / month

About Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

Ritsumeikan University was founded in Kyoto in 1900 and is one of the largest private universities in Japan with a history of more than 120 years.

The main locations are Kyoto, where the campuses of Kinugasa and Suzaku are located. The Biwako- Kusatsu Campus is located in Shiga, and the Osaka Ibaraki Campus is located in Osaka. The university has approximately 36,000 students enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs.

Today it is the third-largest university in Japan. Ritsumeikan has a vision of "creating a future that transcends national borders." Aiming to become an international campus, the acceptance rate of international students is high. Currently, there are students from 68 countries and more than 2000 international students.

Ritsumeikan currently offers a wide range of advanced research courses at the Onigasa Campus in Kyoto, the Biwako Kusatsu Campus in Shiga Prefecture (BKC), and the Osaka Ibaraki Campus in Osaka (OIC). 2000 marked the 130th anniversary of the founding of Ritsumeikan Private School and the 100th anniversary of the founding of Ritsumeikan University.

In April 2000, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Ritsumeikan, we opened an international educational institution at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in Datian County.

The addition of APU will be a new impetus as Ritsumeikan maintains its spirit in the 21st century. In the first century, the Ritsumeikan Trust developed into a comprehensive educational institution consisting of two universities, four high schools, four junior high schools, and one elementary school.

Since opening the Department of International Affairs in 1988, they have globalized their departments. This university was selected as a Top Global University Project by the Ministry of Education of Japan in 2014.

Currently, Ritsumeikan University has 16 undergraduate universities, 21 graduate schools, and 5 international organizations under one roof.

The university offers nationally and globally recognized programs in areas such as arts, engineering, humanitarian and management sciences, law, economics, and economics.

Ritsumeikan University is educated by some of the best names in science and has more than 1,300 professors and faculty members. The university offers English courses and Japanese and Chinese courses for the general public.


Osaka is a city that is gaining attention around the world, it is in the top 5 livable cities chosen by Asian expatriate employee and is also ranked top in Japan. The number of international tourists is increasing and on a world scale, it has been ranked as the top city two years in a row for the biggest growth in tourists.


A mere 20 minutes by train from the main center of Osaka and only a 30-minute train ride from Kyoto station in Ibaraki City. The city is home to Ritsumeikan’s Osaka Ibaraki campus which opened in 2015.

Making full use of the urban location, the campus also functions as a spot for students to interact with the local community. Equipped with the latest technology and facilities, the Osaka Ibaraki campus has 3 undergraduate and 4 graduate courses. The campus is also home to more than 500 international students.

Here students learn social science basics in various ways, they nurture the skills to get to the heart of and evaluate social problems and how to put knowledge and ideas into practice. The classes here are held in English as well and the classes are mostly held in small numbers fostering an inclusive yet close learning environment.

At the Osaka Ibaraki campus, very autumn they have an event with the locals, international, and Japanese students aimed at cultural exchange called “Asia Week”.

In 2019, the university opened the College of Global Liberal Arts, one feature of this college is that it offers students the opportunity to obtain a degree from both Ritsumeikan University and the Australian National University (ANU).

Effectively, it offers a dual degree program that is geared towards the future, to developing and training future international leaders, as a college of global liberal arts.

Also for international students, all the classes are taught in English, and students in the Global Liberal Arts College are led in world-leading education by faculty members who come from all over the world – bringing with them a diverse range of values and knowledge.

Why Study at Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

Educational System

At Ritsumeikan University, the Ritsumeikan learning model enables students to learn and grow throughout their lives, outside the regular curriculum and extracurricular activities. The Ritsumeikan learning model is an education system that aims to develop "experience" and the ability to actively learn across national borders, using the keywords "acquiring intelligence, learning across national borders and learning together".

International Dispositon

Ritsumeikan University attaches great importance to international education and has been selected to participate in the Global 30 and Top Global University Project, which are highly competitive government initiatives. It is committed to developing its global profile by providing a world-class education to students around the world. Ritsumeikan University currently has over 2,400 students from 71 countries. Since the opening of the first English program in 2011, the university has become accessible to students from all over the world and is becoming more diverse from year to year.

Career Availabilities

From Asia to the world and from the world to Asia Ritsumeikan is a portal that connects people and knowledge. Ritsumeikan University offers career planning opportunities and employment programs that aim to further globalize students and help them achieve their goals.

Academic Members

In addition to students, the faculty is also diverse: in 2016, the university took first place in the number of foreign teachers. More than 15% of Ritsumeikan University's faculties come from other parts of the world.

International Partnerships

The university has partnerships with educational institutions around the world. Among this list of over 440 partner universities and institutes in 65 countries and regions, the university offers exchange programs with over 130 universities. Students have the opportunity to study outside of Japan from one semester to one year while studying at Ritsumeikan. International students coming to Japan study abroad. However, there are additional training opportunities in other countries on request.

Research and Study

Ritsumeikan University is actively expanding research collaboration with private companies and firms. In 2015, they took first place in the number of commissioned surveys conducted by the private sector. This means that many companies attach great importance to university research. The university also has more than 20 state-of-the-art research centers that are actively involved in innovative research and development in Japan.

Accommodation Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

On Campus Accomodation at Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

Osaka-Ibaraki Campus Dormitory

In March 2018, I-House OIC opened next to the Ritsumeikan University Osaka campus in Ibaraki. The OIC I-House provides a variety of support so that international students can adapt to Japanese life and customs, as well as sharing a Japanese hostel with international students, international/intercultural exchange, and diverse learning.

It is also an environment that fosters experience and community participation. The students at the OIC I-House residents can develop skills such as intercultural understanding, listening, and foreign language skills while living in a hostel and participating in a variety of activities.

The hostel features a bilingual Resident Mentor (RM) and on-hand management staff for assistance, a prime location just 18 minutes from the main campus area, and a self-locking entrance.

These dorms cost 57,200 JP¥ per month and have all utilities (electricity, water, heating, etc.) included. Each of the rooms has a desk & a chair, bookshelf, wardrobe, a bed, a refrigerator, washstand, air conditioning, wireless internet connection, and other convenient room features.

Across all two student housing facilities in the Osaka-Ibaraki area, the university has provided lounge areas, common areas, recreational and entertainment rooms, laundry rooms, living and kitchen areas, indoor gaming facilities, outdoor terrace and relaxation areas, and lots more

Off Campus Accomodation at Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

There are several international dormitories called International Homes near each campus of Ritsumeikan University. Japanese students (bilingual tutors) also live in the dormitory and support the transition of international students to Japanese life.

Kinugasa (Kyoto): There are three international student residences for new students in Kinugasa (only for students who have never lived in Japan).

Biwako-Kusatsu (Shiga Prefecture): Biwako- Kusatsu has a hostel for international students located near the university.

Osaka Ibaraki Township (Osaka): Osaka’s Ibaraki Township is home to student residences for both international and Japanese students.

In addition to international student residencies, you can find information about campus apartments in English in NASIC student cooperatives and real estate companies.

Choosing an apartment is a very important step at the beginning of your life as a foreign student. Usually, an apartment lease in Japan must be signed by another person.

Sports at Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

Ritsumeikan University has a long tradition of sports and other extracurricular activities for both Japanese and foreign students.

At more than 450 clubs, clubs, and sports clubs, discover other activities not only to enhance your academic experience at Ritsumeikan University but also to enjoy old things and new hobbies while interacting with other students.

If you are interested in joining a club or community or can find out more, please visit the International Center on campus.

However, please understand that university clubs in Japan may require a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully consider your goals before deciding to become the head of a club or community.

Examples Some examples of clubs and sports clubs interested in Ritsumeikan University students include Aikido, Damae Chindon, Club Explorers, Japanese Tea Ceremony Club, Sumo, Cheerleading Club, Manga, CG, and Game Club, among many others.

Food at Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

Ritsumeikan university campus offers a wide range of dining options for local and international students. With a simple breakfast and Japanese dinner, sandwiches, pancakes, and Italian food, everyone can enjoy a delicious meal on campus. There are many student restaurants - the students' favorites, the shops, the cafeteria, the dining area, and the food truck in each of the three Ritsumeikan schools, these dishes and delights also serve on a budget to enable students to enjoy their time on campus. In the RU campus around the country, all students can expect to find;

• 100-Yen student breakfast buffet self-service open from 8:00 to 8:40 daily

• English and international menu served in various restaurants and cafes

• Muslim-friendly meal plans for Muslim students

• Dinner service at Biwako-Kusatsu camp and Osaka Ibaraki park

Transportation at Ritsumeikan University - Osaka Ibaraki Campus

All three campuses of Ritsumeikan University are located by bus or train. Also, there is plenty of parking in each classroom. Students can take a shuttle bus to Kinusasa Campus, Biwako-Kusatsu Campus, and Osaka Ibaraki Campus.

The bus rides several times a day, but you can buy 300 JP¥ tickets from any university / private school available in each class. Unable to travel by bus for students at Ritsumeikan University. If you want to go on a bike or bike ride, you must first register your motorbike or bicycle.

Bus Location on Campus

Osaka Ibaraki Campus: Bus loop at the back of Building D

About Ibaraki


Ibaraki is located between Kyoto and Osaka, the third-largest city in Japan. While there are many ancient tombs including Oda Chausuyama-kofun Burial Mound (Mausoleum of Emperor Keitai), the town is given a commercial area, a large shopping mall, and a supermarket near the port and across the city. The mountainous parts of Ibaraki town are full of beautiful nature including the Oinosaka Mountains and the Tanba Mountains.

Ritsumeikan University Osaka Ibaraki Campus is built in an urban area in the south of the country. There are also many parks and meadows in the city, one of which is the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park.

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