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You may think you know Jamaica, but here you find some facts that will change what you think about the tropical paradise. The country has contributed greatly to the culture of the Caribbean and the world at large.

We intend to make your stay here as seamless as possible here thus making university education interesting and productive! Jamaicans are warm and friendly for the most part, with a mix of cultures stemming from Africa and the Caribbean.

As deeply religious people, the island is teeming with churches, with a protestant majority together with Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim beliefs and cult Rastafarianism.

The country is a generally casual and relaxed society, away from the mad capital, with regular dancing and parading in the streets for a slew of activities.

The banging of steel drums, soca and reggae music are ubiquitous, while tradition can also be seen in the arts and crafts churned out in busy markets island-wide.

The smoking of marijuana though illegal is equally obligatory for many natives and life is a beach and most apparent in Montego Bay. The profusion of local seafood, jerk chicken, and Jamaican rum is awesome to boot.

Although inherently casual, more formal dress is expected at the posh, all-inclusive beachfront hostels.

Read these historical and cultural facts about Jamaica that will blow your mind

  • The two most popular genres of tunes in Jamaica, reggae and dancehall were created by locals. In the 1960s, reggae evolved out of ska, rocksteady and traditional mento folk music. Dancehall, a more hardcore, lively and aggressive genre of music, originated later in the 1980s. Today, these two genres are among the most popular musical tastes in the world.
  • The country is the fourth largest Caribbean island, following Cuba, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. Being in this group of islands in the Greater Antilles makes Jamaica the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean region.
  • Although the island’s ethnic make-up is predominately of African descent, Jamaica is a culturally blended country. The population of approximately three million people is made up of African, European, East Indian and Chinese heritage. The island’s motto is “Out of Many, One People”, an ode to Jamaica’s multi-racial and multicultural past.
  • Following the crowning of Ras Tafari Makonnen as Negus of Ethiopia or the “King of Kings”, the Rastafarian sect started in Jamaica in the 1930s. The religion was also influenced by one of the country’s national heroes, Marcus Garvey, who created the ‘Back to Africa’ mantra and was known around the world for his messages of black empowerment. Rastafarianism is now one of the most renowned religions in Jamaica and has influenced a huge part of Jamaican culture.
  • The popularity of Jamaican Creole around the world has led many people to think that Jamaicans only speak a Jamaican language. But the official language of Jamaica is actually Jamaican Standard English, an array of British Standard English spoken by the colonizers.
  • It is a known fact that the country grows some of the best ganja you will find anywhere in the world. But for many years, people found with even small amounts of ganja in their possession were guilty of an offense..
  • Jamaicans tend to pronounce words very quickly and may become quite animated.   They appreciate laughter and do so often and loudly. 
  • "Soon come" is a favorite saying.  Keep in mind it could mean ten minutes or two hours or two days!  It's a good idea to be patient.

" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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