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Nightlife in Italy

The night scene in Italy is unrivaled and has been known around for the world for its uniqueness. Daytime activities in Italy are tame and very fun-filled for a tourist or busy and work-based for the locals and even students.

Since Italians love to drink wine and have a good time, every day from the early hours of the evening, late into the break of day, Italians have found a way to enjoy themselves.

The nightlife culture in Italy, brings different experiences for different cities, some for vibrant than the others and some more entertaining for a particular age group or demographic.

As an international student in the country, you will find that the average Italian student takes off the edge with fun or sporting activities.

The top cities in Italy for an unforgettable nighttime experience are; Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Sicily all of which are exciting in their individual capacity.

Rome; when you hear Rome you have to think about Italian cuisine and impeccable wine. Nightlife in the city is for individuals who enjoy a good dinner outside with lots of good wine.

Areas such as the Piazza Navona are very famous for their distinct cafes and bars that run till very late in the night. Italians love to drink Campari as an opener drink before they have dinner, and the local ones in Rome are one of the best in the country.

Summer is very beautiful in Rome thanks to the many festivals that have many Italians and visitors alike plowing the city’s streets and celebrating culture. One such festival is the Roma Incontra il Mondo.

Milan; This is where the exquisite Italian nightlife exists. Nightlife in Milan brings out an elite crowd of both Italians and foreigners. Milan has the most nightclubs and hosts some of the fanciest and most exclusive parties in all of Italy.

Many fashion and art lovers and drawn to the city at night because of its eclectic and the unique selections of bars and nightclubs, the perfect combination of taste and class.

Milan is home to some of the most respected clubs in the world. There is a very high chance of spotting a celebrity on a typical night out in Milan.

Florence; for the lovers of EDM music and wild parties hosted by international DJ’s, this city is the perfect fit. Florence offers some of the best night time experience at next to no cost at all.

Cocktails are inexpensive and folks can get into events and parties for free. Florence has a good number of students and as such nightlife in the city is very modern and psychedelic.

Both Venice and Sicily are well-known cities for the ultimate lush yet toned down nightlife in Italy, the locals here are a very fun yet friendly mix, foreigners fall in love with how well treated they are in these cities.

The night scene in Sicily is not only fantastic for its many bars and the best cocktails in the entire country, but there are also elements that foster the Italian culture, like their music and large family circles.

Venice is a brilliant get-away city, like Vegas with bars and clubs open until the early hours of the day, and jazz music that is soothing to the ears.

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