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If the Middle East is on your radar then Iraq would be the perfect destination for you. This country is an admirable place for those who are seeking high-quality education abroad at a reasonable price.

International students are interested in acquiring a certificate in Iraq for a variety of reasons.

At RocApply you will find our list of Study Abroad and Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in Iraq. It is an index to international education in the country listing university level study abroad, courses, volunteer and intensive language school programs oriented to international college and university standards.

Some pre-college and post-graduate options are also available. We invite you to read the guides, see the information, and use this site to compare programs and understand what other students have encountered during their education abroad here.

This country is a peaceful and hospitable nation, with easy access to the emirate world and beyond. The capital city, Baghdad, is a clean and well-developed capital city, nestling between the mountains and the ocean.

Iraq has abundant modern shopping malls, cinemas, entertainment facilities, and beautiful sandy beaches that make it a perfect study abroad destination.

Approximately thirty percent of the population of Iraq universities are foreigners hailing from many different regions, giving the nation an engaging and multicultural touch.

International students who wish to study in the country would not have a tough time adjusting to the country’s culture and main language, as courses are taught not in English. Learn more about the study abroad options Iraq offers to students on RocApply.

Why Study in Iraq? The country is an ethnically diverse country and home to a large student population. When you choose to study here you widen your chances to build new skills and learn from the diverse international community!

Studying in Iraq will allow you to acquaint yourself deeper with Iraq’s unique culture and way of life. The academic institutions in this small country are renowned across the Middle East and do hold up to their reputation!

Traditional and conservative, religion plays a big part in Iraq’s culture. On top of that, the country’s rich nature and landscape make it one of the must-visit spots in the Middle East. Apply today with us for free and get set!

Not only will studying here give you the chance to explore wonders but also the chance to work and earn as you learn! There are internships intended for students with an undergraduate degree in international relations, political science, economics, social science, or similar fields.

These opportunities can be mind-opening also serve to strengthen your resume. Many students find the opportunities here fascinating and worthy to engage!

Some of the main advantages of studying in Iraq are the following:

- Study the Emirate style

- English the medium for instruction

- Students will gain practical and leadership skills.

- There are many competitive universities for spoils

- The people are welcoming

- You earn an international qualification

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About Iraq

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The so-called spring of early civilizations, the Republic of Iraq is one of the most historic lands you will ever set foot on that is if you are willing to look past the political tumult that is.

Iraq is one of the world’s most important Islamic countries and played a great role in the birth and formation of many cultures. To most of the world, the country is synonymous with mayhem, but for those willing to overlook its war-torn reputation, the adventurous few who can brave the instability, it is one of the planet's most wonderful monuments to the past.

Teeming with remains of old empires, monumental mosques, city ruins, and spectacular holy sites, Iraq is one of the most important Arab nations in the Middle East.

It lies north of the Persian Gulf and is enclosed to the east, south, west, and north by Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, and Turkey, respectively.

The country may not be the safest or most glamorous place to travel, but it is slowly healing from the wounds of political turmoil and wars with neighboring countries.

Despite a frenzied facade, some sites are safe for travel, such as the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Kurdistan is quickly transforming into the gateway of the country, thanks in large part to numerous international investments, tourism growth, and infrastructure improvements.

A long history of conflict may have taken their toll on the country, but this doesn’t mean that all you will see is a destroyed towns. Iraq country is a treasure box of early cities, citadels and astonishing heritage spots that bring the past to life.

Archaeological digs reveal spectacular marvels that resound with culture.

There are some visitor developments in Kurdistan, but it can be difficult to find hotels but RocAppy has the best deals for you. Check out the booking feature right on the website!

Accommodation options mainly cater to business visitors, with prices way beyond the average traveler's plan. Booking in advance is important, along with finding a reputable tour company to asist with your itinerary, let’s help.

Traveling around Iraq can be trivial as the local transportation system is close to nonexistent. Public buses link towns in the Kurdish territory and shared taxis are another alternative.

Renting a car is possible in the capital, but traveling as part of a convoy is much safer everywhere else in the country. Iraq remains a destination preserved for the brave and daring, but if you simply must go, take the Kurdish map and avoid the unstable southern and central regions.

Far from the hostile areas of Iraq and a stark contrast to the rest of the country, it boasts natural attractions, ancient sites and modern spots.

About Iraq's Economy

Leaving for anew country raises several uncertainties! To curb some of it RocApply dedicates this guide to inform you of the economic outlook of Iraq. This is the best way to prepare for your study abroad.

We consent with you on the Economic performance of your desired study abroad options. Be sure to go through our guide and check all the filters on our website to learn more.

The country is in a fragile situation. The drop in oil prices and the pandemic (at time of writing) are placing unprecedented strains on its economy.

A precarious political situation, weak healthcare system, inefficient social safety nets, rampant corruption, and dilapidated service delivery, all amplify this fragility and have fueled large-scale protests across the country.

While the new Government of Iraq has been asserting its stand on security and illegal weapons and, in response to the protests, has announced a date for new parliamentary elections, it has been struggling to face economic challenges.

Pre-existing conditions, its heavy dependence on oil, dominance of the state in economic activities, and a down business environment as well as budget rigidities, have coupled to limit the government’s capacity to respond to the pandemic outbreak and to offer a stimulus package to resuscitate the economy.

Faced with this multifaceted crisis, growth is expected to contract by 9.5% in 2020, the country’s worst annual performance since 2003. Oil-GDP is expected to contract by 12% (capped by the OPEC+ agreement) while non-oil-GDP is projected to contract by 5% with sectors like religious tourism affected by the pandemic measures.

Subdued domestic demand and the depreciation of the currencies of the country's main trading partners have kept inflation in check at less than 1% in 2020.

The major challenge for Iraq will be to navigate this multi-dimensional crisis. The OPEC+ agreement, coupled with global recession, mean its credentials are on the downside, underscoring the importance of creating fiscal space for human capital, economic diversification, and job creation.

Even with a recovery in oil prices, the country will need to undertake many reforms to rebuild fiscal space by cutting distortionary and inefficient spending and strengthening the medium-term orientation of macroeconomic policies.

The current problems are likely to worsen the welfare of Iraqi households. After years of conflict and displacement, many groups are already vulnerable, and the pandemic will further test their resistance.

While the disruption in supply chains will increase basic prices, household labor and non-labor incomes are likely to decrease due to the economic slowdown and narrowed remittances.

Many households, particularly those in the informal private sector, may lose all their income, compelling them to exhaust their savings and resort to other coping mechanisms.

DISCLAIMER: This report was last updated in 2020. Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic indices as gathered from relevant and trusted sources as attached.

Why Study in Iraq

Affordable Tuition Fees in Iraq

The country is a great country for research and higher education. Not to forget it is a country that had a very old heritage and picturesque scenery, Iraq is a must-visit. The breathtaking landscapes and high mountains are just a few attractions in the country. Many other locations are of great interest to students here more so. There country is a popular destination for professors and scholars across the globe!

Affordable Accomodation in Iraq
Thriving Education System

Today Iraq embraces a rapid growth in its Education Sector following the opening up of many tertiary institutions all over the nation to cater to the rising demand for education and training of the youth in various aspects of the fast-growing global market. The government prioritizes investment in education in the hopes that it will prove a catalyst to sustainable growth and poverty reduction. This emphasis on tertiary education also implies that many of the youths of the country are increasingly competent.

International Environment in Iraq
World-Class Institutions

Iraqi universities' performance is outstanding amidst its population and domestic product compared with other developed countries and regions. Taking the territorial area into account, the country has the most densely located world-class universities than any other places in the world. The institutions here are internationally accredited. There are several reasons why Iraq is a preferred location for higher studies.

Great Weather in Iraq
Explore the Arab World

Studying in Iraq is your chance to explore new places, do so many things you’ve never done before! You can make your study break a time for exciting adventures; go sightseeing, visit famous landmarks, museums, the beautiful countryside or trekking mountains with your friends. Be ready to become a savvy traveler; there’re so many wonderful sites and activities waiting for you in Iraq!

Scholarships in Iraq

The long and short term academic programs are available in Iraq across many universities and educational centers. International students and researchers may apply to BA, MA, Ph.D., and postdoctoral research programs in Iraq.

Furthermore, summer schools and conferences are other excellent academic activities that make Iraq an attractive destination for scholars and researchers.

Most of the programs also come with fully-funded scholarships and fellowships as well as travel grants and financial aid, thus international students, researchers, and professors can apply.

Iraq Student Visa

As an aspiring student in Iraq, you will need a student visa that will help you to gain entry into the country without any problems. Thus RocApply has put together the requirements for a student visa in Iraq.

The student visa has to be obtained whilst you are in your country of origin. However, it is always advisable to check updated information on visa requirements in case there are any changes.