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The Indian government does not require proof of health insurance to obtain a student visa. While there are no insurance requirements for India, it is still strongly recommended that you purchase insurance before going to India.

India's insurance for international students is a good idea because of the many risks that travel can bring. If you happen to get hit by a rickshaw or bitten by a cow, you want to make sure that your care is covered.

Even if there are no formal insurance requirements for India, travelers in India face enough potential health risks to make it a smart idea. Furthermore, there are essential documents that students must live their home country with, these documents are not only useful for their resident permit but many other reasons.

After the admission has been secured and the visa has been granted, the next step is to prepare for their journey to India.

Health insurance

Having to pay for treatment in a foreign country can be a hole in your pocket. Every country has a different health system, so it is better to be prepared before leaving India.

Some universities do provide coverage, but it is good to have short-term personal health insurance for the transition period. As a student who will be studying in India make it a priority to opt for a suitable policy that covers both health and accident.

International certificate of vaccination

This is a pre-requisite before you depart for any foreign country. This certificate cannot be obtained from any local doctor or your family doctor. It is exclusively available only with certified doctors authorized to issue the certificate.

In some countries, in the absence of this certificate, you can even be denied entry. If you suffer from a critical medical condition and are on prescribed drugs, you should carry them in labeled containers along with the doctorʼs prescription.

International driverʼs license

Most countries do not accept any other country's driving license. If time permits, take the test for the international driving permit; it will save you unnecessary hassles in a foreign country. It can also be used as an identity proof in case you forget to carry other documents while on a stroll.

Applying for an international driving license is easy; you can contact the AAA or the National Auto Club. You need to take care as they are short-term permits. Contact the embassy for clarification regarding driving rules and regulations.

When you are in a foreign country, you must follow traffic rules to avoid any unforeseen incidents or any infringement with law enforcement agencies.

International Student IDs

It is an internationally recognized identity card which can fetch you discounts on foods and beverages, transportation, lodging, and tourist spots. It also includes medical benefits and basic travel insurance and can also be used as a pre-paid credit card.

Any full-time international student can apply for this ID by logging into the ISE Card (ISEC) website. For more details and benefits, visit the ISIC database

Scholarship documents

Scholarships are a benevolent aid meant to provide support to students with an economically challenged background. The absence of this document may force you to cough up huge amounts of money to fund your education.

Not carrying this document may also endanger your candidature at your dream school. When traveling into India, make sure these are an arm’s reach from where you may be.

Secure your documents

Your decision to travel abroad will demand a lot of paperwork. Make more than two copies of each important document. Leave one set of documents at home. While traveling, keep your documents safe, by all means possible.

Scan important documents like your passport and visa and save them in digital format on your phone and e-mail. That way, you are guaranteed the safety of your documents. The safest becomes your email as you can access it from wherever you are unlike totally relying on a phone, whereby a battery dies for one reason or the other.

Here is a checklist of items you need to have with you below;

Academic diplomas

  • A level certificate
  • All other certificates and added certifications where applicable i.e. Masters, Ph.D.
  • Bachelors/ Post-graduate certificates
  • O-level Certificate (if applicable)
  • Transcripts

Identification documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Marriage Certificate (applicable for married couples)
  • Passport


University documents:

  1. Conditional acceptance letter
  2. Unconditional acceptance letter
  3. All Payment receipts

Medical documents:

  1. Medical report (if applicable)
  2. Yellow fever card(compulsory for some countries)

Other documents:

  1. Printed flight itinerary
  2. 12 passport photocopies

Please kindly make sure to have the originals and 6 (certified/notarized) photocopies of each enlisted document.

With the above-listed documents, you should be ready to travel.. Travel safe and good luck- RocApply team!

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