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We reached out to a few international students currently studying at Hungarian universities and they had this to say about their experience;

“In education, the multicultural point of view is very important, and also the technological means are very enriching. The country is also very safe as you can go anywhere at all times and be certain that you are safe” - Ermeilda from Brazil

“The student life is very social and active and the city is easily accessible, I love the history and flair of the country and I a still amazed at how very welcoming the people are” - Nargiza from Kyrgyzstan

“Studying in Hungary has taught me how to face life challenges with the practical method of study that they employ” - Rohaan from Pakistan

“My time here has been full of experiences and challenges that have made me grow academically and also as a person. I am open to a new world of places and experiences here in Hungary and I love that everything you need is just a few blocks away from you” - Estefania from Ecuador

“Every day is special and amazing and I see new things and new opportunities everywhere. There is always something new and exciting to learn, and even new faces to meet and new friendships to build. I love the people here because of the sheer exuberance that they exude every time you come in contact with them” - Lakshay from India

“Coming to study in Hungary has always been a dream for me and I have very little reason to be homesick because I have made great friendships and the people over here treat me like I am back home and the locals are very friendly that I have started to feel like a local myself. The location is what I love about the country and utter uniqueness in the region making it easier for us to be mobile and travel” - Devansh from India

“You can easily go out and meet nice people, evenings are filled with many events and social activities that unite Hungarians and foreigners together. Student discounts are also very helpful here, as with just your student ID you can get discounts of up to 60% off or most times even free” - Houssem from Tunisia

“I like the beauty of nature that spans around the country, Lillafüred in the east to the Lake Balaton in the west” - Mohanad from Palestine

“My favorite thing about Hungary is the vibrant atmosphere on campus. I get to meet friends, professors, and even more importantly Hungarian cuisine” - Huong from Vietnam



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