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Year after year many nightlife tourists flock into Hungary’s capital to experience the most vibrant and increasingly popular nightlife destination in Europe.

Hungary does not only have some of the greatest architecture in all of Europe, but it has also something to offer in terms of nightlife that no other country in the world has.

There are not many nightlife happenings around the world that can rival Budapest’s legendary night-spa parties, but the city and the country have more to offer.

Hungary’s bar culture is one of the most interesting ones in Europe and many foreigners can attest to the many bars and pubs in all of the nation’s cities, that offer some of the best nighttime experience.

Hungary nighttime locations include bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs, city squares, theatre, cinema, and music events spread across the country.

One beautiful thing about Hungary’s nightlife culture is the beauty and brilliant stories that follow each location.

Some must visit-places in Budapest include;

Szimpla Kert:

This place has been dubbed ‘one of the world’s best bars’, the setting is very alluring and it is almost like a miniature bar town with the many activities that happen every evening. There so much detail and storytelling with this place and normal bars almost seem boring compare to this place.

Geothermal baths:

Budapest is booming with a huge number of geothermal baths which have become one of its biggest attractions for visitors from all over the world.

Parliament Building:

This stands as the largest building in the country and is one of the most notable and iconic structures in Budapest.

Ruin Pubs:

Located in the former ‘Jewish Ghetto’ you will find a collection of bars and pubs with a special character, they first started in the early 2000s to bring life back into the ruins of the former Jewish ghetto and now it is almost impossible to enjoy Budapest without the ruin pubs.

City Park:

This is the main public park in Budapest and home an impressive number of attractions and activities. The park offers a great escape from busy streets and people usually spend long hours there.

"A lot of places to go out for a drink" - Petrov from Russia

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