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This Central European country boasts one of the most interesting histories and cultures on the continent. The capital city Budapest is fondly known as the ‘Paris of the East’, because of its captivating skyline and charming landscapes.

The city is also known as the hottest city in the world because of the presence of more geothermal springs found there than anywhere else in the world. The country also has a unique bathing culture that dates back to the Roman Empire.

Hungary used to be part of the Celtic region then it became part of the Roman Empire, but the country first got its name from the Huns who settled there after having conquered the area from the Romans.

The Hungarian language which is called ‘Magyar’ descended from the Huns as well and has the highest number of native speakers in the Uralic group.

The country is steaming with notable sites and landmarks such as the St. Stephens Basilica, Buda Castle, Visegrád Royal Castle, Diósgyor and Eger castle, Tomb of Gül Baba, Momento Park, Cave Church, Citadela, The Budapest Time Wheel, Bokod Floating Houses, Gorsum Ancient Ruins, and the Hungarian Parliament. The country is also quite famous for its fireflies which have been featured in many literature and movies around the world.

A great thing about Hungarians is in how clever they are, to this day 30 Hungarians have won Nobel Prizes in Arts, Sciences, and Philanthropy.

The country also spends almost 5% of its GDP on education and almost more academic excellence is expected from the country going into the future.

The Rubix cube was also invented by a Hungarian which is used around the world today, there have also been lots of Hungarian geniuses throughout the ages such as László Polgár, George Soros, and the most famous Hungarian of all time is Harry Houdini, the magician and stunt performer especially famous for his many escape acts.

Hungarian food is loved all over the world because of its rich base and wholesome flavors, some top Hungarian dishes include; poppyseed rolls, stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, lángos, pörkölt, kürtöskalács, sour cherry soup, and the national dish Gulyás (Goulash), one popular candy bar that is beloved by the people of Hungary is ‘Pöttyös Turorodi’.

In 2007, they started the Kurultaj an event that invades Central-Asian Nomadic empires in the first week of August intending to bond closely with their far-off distant cultural relatives.

People from Mongolia to Uzbekistan and even South Korea show every year to participate. Otherwise, Hungarian culture in itself today is saturated with unique customs and traditions.

One sport the country loves is water polo and they have the best performance in many international competitions, and even though the country is landlocked, its citizens are very outstanding in water sports.

" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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