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The options for accommodation in Hungary for students is divided into three main categories which are;

  • University Dormitories
  • Homesharing
  • Single apartments

Many universities in the country have halls of residence of dormitories that are reserved for their students, these dorms are divided into different units such as 4-bed units, 2-bed units depending on the student’s budget.

These dorms also have facilities such as tv rooms, kitchen, washroom, and drycleaning. They also have electricity, wifi, and heating all at additional costs that are added to the full cost of the accommodation.

This option is very advisable for new foreign students in many ways than one as they are not only cheaper, but the proximity of their location on the university’s campus makes it easier to move around and integrate with the environment.

Students who seek for privacy can opt to find external accommodation. Many apartments are up for rent within and around the university’s city or location. Students rent one room in either a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment.

This option is also very favorable in that many of the costs are shared amongst two to four students.

Students from the same university, department, faculty, or students who are familiar with each other go for this option as there is an underlying bond of friendship or interest both academically or socially.

Similarly, there are one-bedroom private apartments or studios that one student can rent and live by themselves. These homes have kitchen and toilets as single units and are pricier depending on the area or their proximity.

The prices of these houses depend on how modern or luxurious they are.

Recently, many private-run dormitories are not only modern but very luxurious as well. These dormitories are nearby the university premises but they are operated by private entities and cost significantly more than the normal dormitories.

Student dormitories cost around €200 to €450 per semester or academic year and private-owned dormitories are upwards for €400 to €700 per academic session. These prices are what obtains as of 2019 but may be subject to change as the time progresses.

Renting a room in a two or three-bedroom apartment costs around €150 to €250 per month depending on how luxurious the building is or what facilities are available.

Typically renting a one-bedroom apartment or studio in Hungary costs around €200 to €400 for one month. Many of these rental payments are inclusive of bills like electricity and heating, but if they are not included, the homeowner or landlord would inform the tenant.


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