Jobs for Students in China

Student Jobs in Hong Kong Kong

Being a foreign student, you are not allowed to take up any paid or unpaid employment in Hong Kong during your study period. However, there are a number of exceptions to this.

In some instances to allow non-local students to get hands-on experience in their respective fields of study in Hong Kong they are allowed to take up internships and related part time jobs.

Non-local students studying full-time locally-accredited or non-local programmes at undergraduate level or above whose study period is one academic year or higher may take up study/curriculum-related internships as arranged or endorsed by institutions.

International students with locally-accredited sub-degree local programmes with a study period of not less than two academic years are allowed to take up internships which are mandatory with the curriculum.

In Hong Kong you’re welcome to stay after graduation. To do this you need apply at the Hong Kong Immigration Department. You are permitted to seek for employment up to 12 months after graduation in Hong Kong.

The HK Immigration Department will issue a ‘no objection letter-NOL’ to eligible students which upon approval guarantees of their student visa/entry permit. Your student visa/entry permit and the NOL enables you to seek for part-time employment and summer jobs, valid throughout the duration of your approved programme of study at the university.

Peradventure you switch to another institution or study programme, a new NOL will be issued by the Immigration Department following receipt of an application from the institution you are registered with.

Having the ability to understand various languages is a plus in the Estonian job market. As Hong Kongers also have a strong startup culture, students and graduates are encouraged to create their own spin-off companies.

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