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Lifestyle and Culture in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, often referred to as the Oriental Pearl, seamlessly blends Western and Chinese cultures. In this exciting cosmopolitan metropolis, visitors can experience the best of all worlds in it.

Hong Kong local's lifestyles combine the best of Chinese and Western cultures making its local culture unique. Hong Kong has been largely influenced by history, its geographical location, and the blending of Western and Eastern cultures.

 In Hong Kong you will see residents are generally middle to upper class. Due to different classes located in one small location, people have different economic conditions and different lifestyle, but they are still in the same social environment, so there are some aspects which cross economic barriers.

Even blue collar workers are better off than their counterparts in other parts of China and on the weekends they can be seen alongside white collar professionals in the many venues and parks.

Life for locals in Hong Kong is very fast paced, but on the weekend most people go out and relax especially with family. They know how to leave work at work and because of this Hong Kong has some of the happiest and contented residents of any large city in the world.

With the huge selection of entertainment venues and scenic spots it is little wonder that Hong Kong's residents are so happy more than half the time.

Generally speaking, Hong Kong people have a very fast pace of life. They walk fast, eat fast, speak fast, and live fast. They follow the norm that "time is money" and "efficiency is the key to success". But in the spare time, they also pay great attention to relaxation.

It is the best way to reduce pressure, so they maxim. In this exciting metropolis, visitors cannot help but feel this remarkable atmosphere created by the locals.

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