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Student Life in Hong Kng

The lives of university students in Hong Kong are quite different from those around the world. Here students frantically prepare for exams and assignments weeks before they are due and this is handled with serious respect.

Even with such efficient time management, when you study in Hong Kong your ‘To-Do’ list never runs empty.  There is always vast amounts of revision to be done before a test typically due to the competitive academic environment that students are subjected to. It is this type of pressure on students that creates excellent graduates in this great nation.

Speaking of personal responsibilities, in Hong Kong students are rather less independent than would a typical Asian student. Almost every weekend, many return home to spend time with their families as a norm. In rare cases students only use their dormitory room as storage space and return home every day after class.  

Apart from this cycles of living, students participate in clubs mostly with the members of their dormitory or designated groups. The imperative is to create a friendly environment amongst international students while establishing a strong multi-cultural bond between them and natives.

Outside learning there is plenty that international students get to enjoy and experience in Hong Kong universities. These range from livelihood skills training, team-building workshops, talent exhibitions, clubs and sporting activities.  

To accommodate everyone the universities operate on a 100% free will when it comes to participating in extracurricular activities such as the aforementioned. Important to mention are super exciting orientation camps (particularly for freshmen), annual dinner events, and games for students to mingle with one another that cut across multiple disciples that are organized by student representative councils.


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