Study in Hong Kong

Ranked third in the 2018 Global Financial Centres Index, Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis and a major center for higher education. When compared to many other universities around the world, the tuition fees here are lower and visa policies are more flexible.

If you are considering studying in the Hong Kong here is some of the facts you may need to know that makes this city a desirable academic destination for most.

Hong Kong is packed with what you would call the most wonderful attractions and scenery you may have never seen. This great place will definitely overwhelm you from first glance as there is so much to marvel beyond imagination.

The city of Hong Kong area is composed of more than 200 islands which comprise of the new territories in Kowloon peninsula, the outlying islands of Lantau and Lamma, the islands of Hong Kong, and some smaller islands, as well as some additional areas on the mainland. The city is a major port city with a remarkable deep water harbor on the South China Sea.

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an autonomous territory that covers an area of about 1,106 km² and by comparison, compared it is at least 1.5 times the size of. The city has a population of more than 7 million people.

The official languages in Hong Kong are Chinese (Cantonese) and English. The city is regarded as a cosmopolitan center where 'East meets West' -like Chinese food and Disney Land. It has become one of the world's major financial and manufacturing centers.

Studying in the Hong Kong will certainly put you on a whole lot new level with its distinct features and renowned academic system that has landed it on the global map.

Hong Kong has an Established education

Hong Kong is ranked 12th in the QS rankings for best student cities and is home to 4 of the top 10 universities in Asia and 5 of the top 100 globally. The competent universities in the Hong Kong make them an exceptional glamour in the sight of most prospecting students to study abroad.

This means when you subscribe to Hong Kong’s education you set your foot on the frame for academic excellence.

There are institutes like The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), University of Hong Kong (HKU), and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) that will deliver high-quality education and strong research networks amongst many.

Important to note is the fact that virtually all the universities in Hong Kong have English as the medium of instruction.

Why Study in Hong Kong

Affordable Tuition Fees in Hong Kong
Lively City

Many from all around the globe live and work in Hong Kong, which gives a unique assimilation of cultures and lifetime experiences. Despite having a renowned giant concrete jungle, around three quarters of Hong Kong’s land area is marked with country parks and multiple natural reserves.

Here you can visit ancient temples, go on wildlife tours, roam about Disneyland, and explore many more attractions and extra ordinary monuments.

Hong Kong is a place where you will find yourself enjoying just beyond the looks of the place to the mere felling of being in it.

Affordable Accomodation in Hong Kong
Great location

When you’re in Hong Kong travelling to mainland China for tourism academic trips is convenient. The country is situated 20 km away from Shenzhen- the global hub of electronics manufacturing and is well interconnected to Shanghai and Beijing, the economic nerve-centres of China.

An education in Hong Kong together with proficiency in Mandarin can open up many new opportunities in China for graduates.

Hong Kong is nestled in the heart of Asia and situated in a less than five-hour flight away from half the world’s population. The blend of culture and will captivate you you here.

International Environment in Hong Kong
Great opportunities 

Factors like attractive tax structures, modern infrastructure, and proximity to China and other Asian markets make Hong Kong an attractive destination for corporations and start-ups not forgetting prospecting students.

Studying in Hong Kong can help you form strong social and professional networks that can be crucial while starting off your career and in the future as well.

Here you will immerse yourself with a wide spectrum of opportunities beyond your university experience. Apply now and find out more about this awesome nation.

Great Weather in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong crime rates are among the lowest in the world, petty thefts and small scams are about as bad as it usually gets.

Discrimination against foreign nationals is taken as a serious offence here by local authorities and is on a downward trend.

Hong Kong also has an excellent public transport network that is both secure and reliable.

Not only these, but when you are inn the Hong Kong environment you are in a safe environment from both a security and social perspective.

Scholarships in Hong Kong

In most cases, international students in Hong Kong are offered a 50% scholarship by the universities, however, students who achieve or have achieved extraordinary academic qualification are subject to more scholarship opportunities.

Students who also maintain an impressive academic average during the course of their studies in Hong Kong are subject to a scholarship which is renewed on a semester basis on condition that the student manages to maintain that impressive average.

The exact specific average to be maintained in order to secure the scholarship depends on respective universities, however, all the information is provided on the RocApply program page.

Consistently high achieving students are also eligible to several incentives such as stipend, work opportunities and university and government bursaries. Visit RocApply program page for specific detail regarding various incentives and requirements per university.

Universities in Hong Kong also offer students with incredible sports-related achievements scholarships, therefore, it is important to notify RocApply officials of your sporting achievements so that they may help you as a student to secure a scholarship.

Hong Kong Student Visa

Each and every student regardless of the nationality is required by the law in Hong Kong to have a valid student visa with him or her all the time while studying in Hong Kong.

The visa is officially issued by the Migration Department of Hong Kong. Students are eligible to apply for a Hong Kong student visa soon after acquiring the acceptance letter and paying the respective tuition fees of the university.

It is possible to bring your family with you to Hong Kong for your studies, however, it should be your immediate family members such as spouse and kids.

There is also a possibility for your friends and other family members to visit you during your studies in Hong Kong but they have to submit the student’s residence permit or student visa in order to obtain the visitor’s visa.

It is also possible to change or transfer to a different university while studying in Hong Kong but immigration offices have to be notified of the development and a new residence permit or student visa will be offered. Full-time international Students are expected to attend the majority of their classes without failure.

Roc Apply team expects students to apply for a student visa 3 months in advance to avoid any foreseeable complications, therefore, please contact [email protected] for more clarification and process explanation if needed.