Study in Haiti

İf you are planning to study abroad then you are on the right page! RocApply will help you choose the right path to the country of your choice without any hustles! If the Caribbean is on your radar then Haiti would be the perfect destination for you.!

Haiti is an admirable place for those who are seeking high-quality education abroad at a reasonable price. International students are interested in acquiring a certificate in Haiti for a variety of reasons.

The people here are advanced, multicultural, and open-minded nationals. Residents of Haiti are family-oriented and always feel proud in offering the best experience of hospitality to the international tourists, visitors, and students pursuing varied courses from the top medical universities in the country.

The country has witnessed a remarkable development in the field of education, especially in the area of medicine. The growth percentage of teaching in the country particularly in the medical field is astounding.

Degrees awarded by the Haitian universities are internationally recognized. Students who have completed them are successfully practicing their careers in various destinations around the world.

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While you are studying in Haiti you may also find intern and volunteer abroad opportunities that will propel you to your careers and fulfill their dreams. To browse study abroad in Hatian programs, apply here on RocApply, all for free.

Education has always played an essential role for the people here. Throughout history, and today, it remains one of the most significant values of Asians. We welcome you to join thousands of international students expanding their horizons, honing their skills, and experiencing the rich cultural heritage of this country.

Study with world-class lecturers, musicians, scientists, and educational patrons. We will help you gain the important necessary to enter the job field or continue your education at even higher levels.

Top-quality education, professional and competent academic staff, Internationally-oriented courses, lower cost of living, and affordable tuition fees make Haiti a great place for international students to receive high-quality academics.

Some of the main advantages of studying in Haiti are the following


- Many students are flocking here annually.

- You get an internally accredited degree

- Widen your academic and research network

- You get to explore the beauty of the country with your mates

- Many Universities here give competitive programs

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About Haiti

The “Pearl of the Caribbean,” Haiti is a country that forms part of the second largest island in the Caribbean region, Hispaniola. Beautiful virgin beaches and lush vegetation are the main attractions, which see year-round temperatures between 77 and 84°F.

The country also offers rich historical and cultural diversity, despite often being overshadowed by its tough past and poverty. Having recently suffered a devastating earthquake, the country provides a genuinely different experience from the rest of the overdeveloped Caribbean, with its proud people and idyllic beaches ready to receive foreigners once again.

Surrounded by miles of pristine beaches, Haiti is a great place to escape to the bliss of the Caribbean, with many water sports and dive spots.

A busy place during 1800’s, pirates kept the country on its toes. Take a day trip to the island of Tortuga, featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Haiti also has a rich “voodoo” culture waiting to be uncovered.

While in this island nation, it is worth visiting some of the smaller islands off the coast, which include secluded beaches and awesome natural beauty like Ile de Vache. On the main island, there are many pristine beaches, or you can go to the bay of Canal du Vent to windsurfing, or mountain bike about the coastal headlands.

The bay is home to the 27 vestiges of Moles-Saint-Nicholas, or to discover more remains of eras past, visit the Citadelle Henri Christophe, an antiquated fort standing high on a mountain top that overlooks the city of Milot.

The main gateway into the country is Toussaint Louverture International Airport, in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Most visitors arrive here, although Cap-Haitien International Airport in the north also has flights from Florida and neighboring Caribbean nations.

There are many domestic airports, as well, making air travel lighter. Car rental opportunities are also available from reputable agencies like RocApply, although taxis are found at a competitive price.

If traveling long distances, it is worth going by private mini-bus, which are in abundance and provide a comfortable, albeit slow, air-conditioned ride. It is easy to reach the smaller islands via water-taxis or scheduled passenger boat services.

About Haitis Economy

Leaving for anew country raises several uncertainties! To curb some of it RocApply dedicates this guide to inform you of the economic outlook of Haiti. This is the best way to prepare for your study abroad.

The information here will but only enhance your decision-making process for studying abroad here. We hope after you are done reading through you will save time to apply with RocApply to the university of your choice!

Few countries have tussled with development like Haiti. Since breaking free from French colonial rule over 2 centuries ago, the Caribbean country has weathered multiple foreign interventions, chronic political instability, and massive natural disasters.

The confluence of these forces has morphed from what was once the wealthiest colony in the Americas into the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with a Gross Domestic Product per capita of USD 797 and a Human Development Index ranking of 169 out of 189 countries as at 2019.

According to the Human Capital Index, a child born today in Haiti will grow up to be only 45% as productive as they could be if they had enjoyed full education and health. However, the country has been successful in containing the novel cholera outbreak, with zero laboratory-confirmed cases since January 2019.

The latest official poverty estimate (2012) suggested that over 6 million Haitians live below the poverty line of USD 2.41 per day, and more than 2.5 million fell below the extreme poverty line of USD 1.12 per day.

Haiti is ideal for a semester abroad. With a growing international trade system, the country is making strides on the global market and gives international students the perfect study abroad environment.

Coupled with its affordable cost of living the country is a perfect country to pursue your studies. There is much to enjoy; you can get a job locally whilst a student and earn a few dollars for spending on weekends.

DISCLAIMER: This report was last updated in 2020! Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic indices as gathered from relevant and trusted sources as attached.

Why Study in Haiti

Affordable Tuition Fees in Haiti

During and after your study, one thing you will attest to is the calmness of the Haitian people and their willing engagement in development circles! As a student here you will establish yourself into academic relationships that will culminate in endless opportunities after your study abroad.

These networks strengthen the student's understanding of the environment and avail more avenues of self-development and career advancement in different ways!!

Affordable Accomodation in Haiti

Although most of the country's inhabitants prefer going from one place to another by car, walking in the city gives you a great opportunity to explore all the town’s curiosities and secrets spots is made easier. Whether you’re after groceries, bookstores, a good place to eat or drink, or unknown antique shops, you’ll be able to find it all within walking distance from your dorm or other residences. This makes universities easily accessible and less costly to attend!

International Environment in Haiti
Enjoy Hatian Sports

Sports is a major uniting factor for students. It enables students to meet up with other students and work as a team for a common goal. Sport on campus promotes cohesion and teamwork and enables students to travel to different places to see new communities and showcase their talents as well.

Great Weather in Haiti
So much to explore

The “Pearl of the Caribbean,” Haiti is a country that forms part of the second largest island in the Caribbean region, Hispaniola. Beautiful virgin beaches and lush vegetation are the main attractions, which see year-round temperatures between 77 and 84°F.

Scholarships in Haiti

The tuition fee is one of the lowest in the entire Caribbean, in particular, Haiti and several programs help with the many expenses of deserving students.

It is also very easy to obtain a student visa for studying here. Students have a chance to obtain scholarships from various organizations here and study abroad with easy.

RocApply is set to gravitate you to the next level of your academic career by giving relentless support in acquiring a vacancy in any university of your choice here! All you have to do is simply apply for free, yes for free!!

Haiti Student Visa

As an aspiring student in Haiti, you will need a student visa that will help you to gain entry into the country without any problems.

ThusRocApply has put together the requirements for a student visa in Haiti. The student visa has to be obtained whilst you are in your country of origin. However, it is always advisable to check updated information on visa requirements in case there are any changes.