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Similar to other South American destinations, Guyana relies heavily upon its natural beauty to engage foreign students. Many of the best activities on the archipelago relate to its stunning natural treats.

Scuba diving is a profound entertainment option for international students on vacation. There are many awesome underwater marvels make for spectacular scuba diving spots.

Tourists don’t have to worry about getting their and equipment as this is usually taken care of by the diving company.

Students interested in study abroad programs should view our comprehensive guide of programs and universities in Guyana.

There are numerousstudy abroad programs available in the country and it remains a popular desintation for students looking to travel for a semester abroad in a uniquely branded country.

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All you have to do is peruse filter and Apply today!! We are committed to making sure your desire to study in Guyana does not fall void with our RocApply team that is placed to serve in your best interest.

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About Guyana

The nature lover, the eco-tourist and the adventure-seeker will all feel right at home in this wonderful country. Its own tourism board describes the country as "raw," referring to the untouched and untamed wild that is natural to the land.

This fast-growing vacation destination attracts visitors with its majestic waterfalls, lush Amazonian jungles, abundance of wildlife, and colorful indigenous culture.

Located in South America’s northeastern region, Guyana is fringed by the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by three equally wonderful countries Venezuela to the west, Suriname to the east and Brazil to the south.

It may be one of the smallest countries in the continent and relatively unknown compared to its neighbors, but its treats are endless, from Georgetown’s 19th century stilted wooden residences and the Potaro River to Kaieteur Falls.

The varied terrain is particularly attractive to those who have a thing for fishing, trekking, camping, and safaris. This former Dutch colony is densely covered in rainforests and savannas.

It features low coastal plains as well as mountainous regions, making it an all inclusive destination if you want to enjoy outdoors.

Guyana’s international reputation has been smeared by political and economical issues, but if you draw closer, you will see a spectacular country with some of the most motivated and joyful people you will ever meet.

The capital is a good place to kick off your tour where you’ll discover the country’s colonial and Caribbean origins through bustling restaurants, exciting nightlife and quirky market.

The native culinary tradition is a reflection of the varied influences on Guyanese society, and usually involves steak, shrimp, pork, and chicken cooked in curry or spiced with pepper and garlic.

And of course, don't forget to explore Demerara rum or to sample the local beer, Banks.

Getting around is easy and affordable via the local bus system, but you can also rent a four-wheel ride for greater freedom. English is the official language of Guyana, so communication is not a problem.

You do not need a visa to enter Guyana if you are from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Jamaica, Japan, and many other countries.

There are many flights to Cheddi Jagan International Airport from around the globe and it is also feasible to arrive via minibus from Paramaribo, Suriname or by crossing the Brazilian border in Lethem.

About Guyana's Economy

The knowledge of economic performance for a given country can serve a long way in choosing which country to pick for a semester abroad! To this aid, we have made sure you keep well-informed through our Guyana Economy guide what entails domestic and foreign income here.

The information is overall but you may need to read more on the reviews from trusted sources to gain a deeper understanding of the economic performance.

Guyana’s long-limping economy was radically transformed in 2015 with the discovery of a rich offshore oil field in the country’s waters about 120 miles from Georgetown.

By the end of 2020, another seventeen oil fields had been found in Guyana’s Stabroek Block, and it was projected that by 2025 these fields would be yielding some 750,000 barrels of oil per day. Exxon, which made the discoveries, entered into a partnership with the country, and in December 2019 it began manufacturing in the first field discovered.

Burgeoning oil production promised to spur growth in other economic sectors and to dramatically raise the country’s standard of living. The economic picture for the country had not always been so rosy.

For several decades following independence, Guyana remained locked into a typical colonial economic dependency on agricultural and mined items, most notably sugarcane and bauxite.

Economic reforms were passed under a socialist-leaning government, but the effect on the economic cycle was less pronounced. During the 1970s the government nationalized private U.S.A and Canadian bauxite holdings; in 1976 it nationalized the vast holdings of the Booker McConnell companies in Guyana, which included coastal sugarcane plantations as well as an array of light producing and commercial enterprises.

By the mid-1980s it was estimated that the government controlled directly more than four-fifths of its economy. All nationalized businesses were reorganized under the Guyana State Corporation.

The state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation controlled the sugarcane plantations, and the Guyana Mining Enterprise Ltd. was established to oversee local mineral manufacture.

Agriculture is dorminant on the narrow sea-level coastal plain between the Essequibo and Courantyne rivers. Land-use patterns still reflect early Dutch and British water-control systems.

Arable land is laid out in strips between the sea or a river and inland swamps. It is protected on all sides by dikes and canals that are used for both irrigation and drainage.

The land reclaimed from the sea is fertile but acidic; lost fertility must be returned to the soil by periodic fallowing or the addition of fertilizers.

The country’s most important mineral resources are the extensive bauxite deposits between the Demerara and Berbice rivers that contribute to making the country one of the world’s largest producers of bauxite.

There are also significant deposits of manganese at Matthews Ridge in the northwest, about 30 miles east of the Venezuelan frontier. Diamonds are found in the Mazaruni and other rivers of the Pacaraima Mountain.

DISCLAIMER: This report is as of 2020! Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic indices as gathered from relevant and trusted sources as attached;

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Affordable Tuition Fees in Guyana
Research Opportunities

In keeping with its future goals, the educational sector here has been reformed and remodeled to measure up to what is obtained in many most societies today. With key interests in productivity, research, and innovation, higher education students are taught with some of the best standards under some of the best conditions and by some of the best tutors in the world

Affordable Accomodation in Guyana
Economically steady

If you count poor countries in Southern America, Guyana is certainly not amongst them and rightfully so. The country is successful and has a strong economy compared to its surrounding region and is a great place for students to pursue their studies and grow their careers! The cost of living is average and this is a catching factor for most academic aspirants!

International Environment in Guyana
International Qualification

Study in Guyana and get the advantage of an international certificate that is accepted anywhere in the world. Guyanese degrees are of international repute and standards with multiple possibilities for global success within and outside the country. When you have a certificate from any of its institutions you will have higher prospects to get employment on the international stage!

Great Weather in Guyana
Student Jobs

Most academic institutions here offer students the chance to earn as they work. This is an important and distinct feature of the Guyana tertiary education. Once you apply here you will have the opportunity to engage in industrial work to improve your skills and also earn! The overall impact is vital on the student as they leave university with a stronger CV and ready to face the global job market more prepared than ever!

Scholarships in Guyana

Students prospecting to study in Guyana looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can now check with the RocApply Scholarship page for updates from the universities and the Guyanese aids.

The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

Guyana Student Visa

To study in any one of the universities in Guyana, international students must get a Guyanese student visa depending on their country of origin. RocApply has made it easy for you to follow what documentation may be needed upon visa application on this guide!

It is, however, advised to always check with the consulate/embassy for more details on visa requirements.

To receive a Guyanese Student Visa, you must first get accepted into an educational institution in Guyana.