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Primary education in guinea caters to children aged between 6 to13 years. It encompasses 6 grades, namely grades 1 to 6, and lasts for 6 years, and ends with the primary school certificate examination (CEP). Primary education in guinea is offered free and compulsory for all Guinean children. Those who attend pre-schools graduate into the first grade of primary school.

The Government of Guinea's National Education for All Program, adopted in 1990 is aimed at expanding the primary school enrollment rates. There are still however some low enrolment rates although the numbers are increasing gradually year by year. The government acknowledges the importance of education and is seeking to improve literacy.

Primary education

  • Ages                            : 7-13 years
  • Grades                         : Grade 1-6
  • Duration of study       : 6 years
  • Primary Languages     : English
  • Terms                          : 2 terms
  • Admission Term          : throughout the year

Curriculum- the primary school curriculum offers a variety of subjects. It builds upon some of the skills obtained at the pre-primary stage and adds more structured subjects. The curriculum of guinea includes subjects such as French Language, Calculus, Sciences observation, History, Civic instruction, Arabic, and Physical education, to mention but a few.

The following are some of the schools offering primary education to Guinean children and expatriates as well.


American International School- Conakry

This is an international school located in Conakry and offering an American curriculum. The school aims to produce intellectually audacious, and socially responsible citizens of the world who will transform their communities and have a love for lifelong learning. It offers an American-styled education in an international context and also follows the AERO Standards framework, AERO (American Education Reaches Out. the medium of instruction here Is the English language

Primary-school Section

  • Location: Near Nongo Stadium, Nongo, Conakry, Guinea
  • ages: 7-13
  • Duration of study: 6 years
  • Student population: 81+
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Terms                          : 2 terms
  • Accreditation: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA-CESS)

Curriculum education here is learner-centered and project-based where Students are asked to think critically from a young age and to discover knowledge through its application and solving real problems. the curriculum follows the rigorous American system and aims to promote mastery and increase the basic knowledge of students. Some of the subjects offered here include French Language, English language, mathematics, Sciences, History, social studies, fine arts, and Physical education, to mention but a few.

Tuition and fees- the following are payable as tuition and other fees for the year. The school offers a three-tier system of tuition to cater to the diverse student population as follows:

PK-5               6-8                   9-12

Host Country Nationals and American Missionary    $10 476           $10 800           $11 448

Foreign Nationals with no education allowance         $11 740           $12 750           $13 892

Corporate or Diplomatic Allowance                           $17 500           $17 500           $19 750

Other fees:

New Student Registration Fee (one-time only)           $1,200

Annual capital fee per student                                                $1 000

Association Fee per family                                         $10

Learning Support                                                        $2 000 per year


Extracurricular activities- The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities and children have the opportunity to join any club they are interested in. clubs include the chess club, boxing club, soccer club, swim club, stem club, African dance club, double dutch club, track club, and drama club.

Prospective students- The following documents are required to complete the admission application process:

  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of parent or legal guardian’s passport or National ID
  • School records from previous schools
  • Any standardized test scores
  • Medical history including a list of medications
  • Immunization records
  • Maps to home and parent’s office(s)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Registration form

Facilities-  The school is located in a quiet serene environment that is well-protected with guards on duty 24/7. Facilities include a Swimming pool, a Multipurpose room (Gymnasium and Theater), a Tennis Court, Basketball court, Playground, classroom, a Science Lab, and Administrative office buildings, to mention but a few.


SABU International School

This is a non-profit, Kindergarten to 12th grade (K-12), English and French coeducational day school located in Conakry Guinea. The school aims to ensure that children, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds get a basic education. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive education that will challenge the students to become responsible world citizens who will contribute to the positive development of their community. It is a diverse environment where children are to become responsible and progressive global citizens.

  • Address: BP: 6730 Conakry, Guinea, West Africa
  • grades: kindergarten to 12th grade (K-12)
  • Language of instruction: English, French


Lower School- the lower school section houses The primary school which comprises Kindergarten to grade 4. students are exposed to a variety of subjects and study areas that include languages (English and French), reading, writing, reasoning, and communication skills. Students are taught about the importance of respect, integrity, confidence, and tolerance, to reflect, choose wisely and act responsibly to all people. It offers an integrated course of study and a rigorous international curriculum which is designed to develop moral, social, and personal skills and imparting values such as respect, peace, social responsibility

Extracurricular activities- the school acknowledges the importance of allowing children to unwind and enjoy themselves away from studies and hence offers opportunities for students to participate in activities such as clubs, art and culture, community service, performance groups, and athletics, t mention but a few.

Prospective students- parents of prospective students must provide a completed Application Form with the following required documents:

  • 2 size passport photos
  • Proof 10 000 FG ($2) application fee payment
  • birth certificate
  • recommendation letter
  • Personal Interview
  • Entrance Test Exams
  • Transcripts from the previous school attended (for upper-grade transferees)


Tuition and fees- kindly note the fees below which are subject to change.

Grade             First Term      Second Term Third Term    Annual (FG)  Annual ($)

K to 4              200 000           200 000           200 000           600 000           86

5 to 8               225 000           225 000           225 000           675 000           96

9 to 12             300 000           300 000           300 000           900 000           129

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