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Our Student Life and programs are part of the Guatemalan curriculum, giving students the opportunity to explore their passions and experience new activities during after school and off campus activities.

Universities offer competitive and non-competitive sports, performing arts groups and ensembles, student government, newspaper, Community Service, Internships, Summer Camps and much more to help prepare students to enjoy discovering their talents and be successful in life.

These activities help develop life skills in the area of leadership, sportsmanship, and citizenship. Guatemalan universities offer quality opportunities for students to engage in a variety of activities to foster their desire to learn.

Student life programs exist beyond students' academic days to enrich students' athletic, educational, social, and intellectual experience by accessing opportunities to explore and develop their interests and talents.

Students are encouraged to participate in optional extracurricular activities and sports after a regularly school day or school week. These activities include sports, art activities, leadership and service groups, among other activities.

Internship Programs- Internship Programs provides student tremendous opportunities to learn business skills, partner with a mentor, build a network, and gain real-world experience before graduating.

Some universities partner with leading companies that will provide students with skills and are willing to mentor and bring them closer to their professional goals as well as to help the students relate their learning to the workplace in Guatemala.

Students' Union- to enable student representation, universities in Guatemala allows students bto form a student bodythat deals with all student affairs. Students can relay various issues that affect their university life. Students’ unions give students a voice to air out their contribution or concerns. 



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