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Student Life in Greece

A day in the life of a student in Greece is as thrilling as it is challenging. Greece’s historical antecedents and its strategic location set it apart as a visitors haven. The country is a modern psychedelic society that still holds strongly to its rich cultural heritage. Bearing in mind how Greek modernization is one of the pillars of the modern world today.

Foreign students credit their love for the country to the warmness and hospitality of the Greeks, the many beautiful sunny beaches, Greek cuisine, the ever bubbling nightlife, and the natural scenery. Students compliment Greece for the excellent weather, as the country’s climate doesn't fall below 10 degrees and is mostly sunny for a large part of the year.

International students also choose Greece for its affordable tuition and living expenses, compared to many western countries on the continent and even across the continent. Greek cost of education and living is very favorable to students who wish to save money or have quality education at next to no cost at all.

The majority of students in Greece are situated in large cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, which ironically are two of the safest cities in the country. The crime rate in Greece has historically been among the lowest in western Europe and continues to remain this way.

Foreign students also complement the healthcare system in Greece, their medical system has ranked tops worldwide and foreigners are not left out. Students enjoy a prime medical treatment for next to nothing.

As a student, you will never be lost for activities in Greece, the country as a whole is one of the entertainment capitals of the world. Students spend time soaking up the sun on the many beaches or even partying it up in one of the many Greek islands.

Greek food is not only a delight, but it is also one of the healthiest in the world. Students quickly fall in love with Greek culture and food, which interestingly comes fresh and is inexpensive.

Foreign students in Greece are also very social as well, as the country feels like one big happy family. Classes are not always so conventional and key elements like creativity and thinking out of the box are very welcome in Greek universities. Students are also encouraged to be deep thinkers and to always ask questions.

Student societies, clubs, associations are also very active in Greece. They are also very important fixtures in most universities and institutions in the country. Around the world sorority and fraternity houses, all have greek names or are linked to Greek ancestry, this culture first started in Greece and is still existent till today. They have always been committed to fostering student unity, development, and bolstering cultural exchange.

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