Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences


Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

Number of students
60€ - 62€
Semester Tuition Fees
850 €
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
November 23, June 21
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

At TH Rosenheim all bachelor programs are taught solely in German, while master programs are mostly taught in German and a few in English. Masters programs taught in English includes;

  • Masters in Engineering Sciences (M.Eng)
  • Masters in Wood Technology (M.Sc)

TH Rosenheim in partnership with RocApply invites you to apply to any of its brilliant programs and benefit from the many advantages and opportunities from free tuition to scholarships and high living standards in Rosenheim. Begin your application as early as possible for early considerations and visa reasons as well.

Session: Winter semester – summer semester

Application Type: Online through RocApply’s simplified university admission’s portal

Application Duration: Winter - May 1st to June or July 15thboth bachelor's and master's applications.

At TH Rosenheim all bachelor programs are taught solely in German, while master programs are mostly taught in German and a few in English. Masters programs taught in English includes;

  • Masters in Engineering Sciences (M.Eng)
  • Masters in Wood Technology (M.Sc)

TH Rosenheim in partnership with RocApply invites you to apply to any of its brilliant programs and benefit from the many advantages and opportunities from free tuition to scholarships and high living standards in Rosenheim. Begin your application as early as possible for early considerations and visa reasons as well.

Session: Winter semester – summer semester

Application Type: Online through RocApply’s simplified university admission’s portal

Application Duration: Winter - May 1st to June or July 15th both bachelor's and master's applications.

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Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences in Rankings


  • 102 Country Rank
  • 2114 World Rank

Tuition and Scholarships at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

International students benefit from Germany’s free education scheme at both undergraduate and graduate levels. TH Rosenheim is a public university that is operated by the state and as such there are no tuition fee requirements for both bachelors and masters students.

The only fees required are administration fees that cost around €75 per semester. These fees are dedicated to student services, covering costs for transportation, feeding, student events, and more.

Although public education is free in Germany, one visa requirement is that foreign students would need to show proof that they have or have access to around €7,908 

($8,722) per year or €659 ($727) per month to cover their living costs, or even more depending on the student’s lifestyle or spending habit.

The average student spends €800 a month, but if you are concerned about the costs there are scholarships and grants available to support students studying in Germany at various study levels including undergraduate level, despite there being no tuition.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is Germany’s agency for foreign student admission and education in Germany, they also offer student scholarships and monthly living stipends for international students studying in the country. DAAD and TH Rosenheim offers students a wide range of funding and research opportunities in a variety of study areas. The scholarships also include internship opportunities and language courses both in summer and winter.

Financing your studies in Germany as an international student is very possible, there are various external scholarships and funding opportunities offered solely to international students. These scholarships might be based on academic performance, needs, and even social engagement. Some of them include;

The Bavarian Government Scholarship for International Students: The Bavarian Government and DAAD offers semester and yearly scholarships to foreign students at TH Rosenheim in need for the summer or winter semester under the condition that they prove their inadequate financial status. This scholarship requires proof and it ranges from €100 to €659 per month to cover extra living costs and academic materials during studies.

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship: This is a private funding scheme that grants scholarships to postgraduate entrants of all subjects and nationalities every year. Those who are pursuing their degrees at universities, universities of applied sciences, in German. The recipients of this scholarship are expected to possess excellent academic records, to be socially and politically engaged, and to have an active interest in the basic values of the foundation. The scholarship is fully-funded and more than 1,000 foreign students have received this funding for both summer and winter academic sessions.

Erasmus Scholarships: These exchange program scholarships in partnership with different universities around the world under the Erasmus Mundus Program or Erasmus+ Program. These scholarships are offered majorly for bachelor studies but a few of them are available for master’s studies. They typically cover participation fees, stipends, including travel allowances. All Erasmus Mundus Scholarship applications open in October/November.

KAAD Germany Research Fellowship Program: This scholarship is offered to postgraduate students from developing countries that are Catholic Christians or generally belong to a Christian denomination. Catholic students interesting in a master’s program at TH Rosenheim can benefit from the scholarship. The funding scheme benefits include; visa arrangements, travel expenses, German language training, tuition fees, living expenses, and other academic costs at the university.

Cost of living at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

300 - 450 Euro / month
850 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
90 Euro / month

About Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

Founded in 1971 Administrative/Academic unit: 670 Bachelor’s Programs: 24
Situated in Rosenheim, Bavaria Germany Student population: 6,000+ Masters Programs: 11
Category: Public Faculty: 8 Ph.D. Programs: N / A
Acronym: TH Rosenheim Schools: N/A Associate Degree Programs: 
Tuition  €75 Institute: 3 Programs: 30+

As the most significant instructive establishment in south-eastern Bavaria, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences consolidates a multifaceted and inventive profile with strong local roots and global notoriety.

The nearby connections between the college, industry, and research are key focal points of our own. TH Rosenheim students find a commonsense way to deal with learning and an ideal learning climate in the institution.

They get group aptitudes and critical thinking skills. We will like to offer you a brief look at the wide-going mastery accessible here and fill you in on the university’s qualities, its diverse campus, and, obviously, its exceptional standards.

Little however incredible – astounding learning climate

Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is known for its open and welcoming student climate. Regardless of whether it be the students, the instructors, or the staff, everybody is focused on cooperating to shape the institution.

The very concentrated and singular help given by TH Rosenheim teachers focuses on little gathering settings, application-centered education and training, and the interdisciplinary trade between the subjects and resources are only a portion of the numerous little however incredible angles that describe the ordinary student life at the university grounds.

Added to this are some well-prepared workshops and labs, which offer wide specialized just as an imaginative extension for course-explicit activities in all subjects.

Prepared to follow a successful career path - strong viable association

TH Rosenheim students increase significant experience that stretches out a long way past the limits of unadulterated expert information by participating in functional undertakings with partnerships and affiliations from different sectors of industry.

From venture management to detailed exploration tasks, the idea of practice-oriented learning shapes the focal point of study at Rosenheim.

Learning through genuine tasks supports the advancement of rudimentary aptitudes like the capacity to work in a group and problem solving aptly trains students for all the difficulties of the genuine working life in the real world in the most ideal manner.

In the organization of things to come – industry and exploration

Rosenheim has a long convention of uplifting creative quality and a strong market-situated useful association. As the main partner of higher institutions in one of Europe's most grounded monetary zones,

TH Rosenheim students have the best provincial, public, and global connections with industry and exploration. Through academic ventures, postulations, leader training programs, and applied examination, the university works 

extensively with industry, including start-ups and medium-sized organizations, and go about as a major driving force for positive economic improvement inside the EU and globally.

Education with vision and standpoint – studying in Rosenheim

Wonderful Bavaria - arranged among Inntal and Chiemsee, Rosenheim is a beautiful city that charms occupants and guests the same with its southern pizazz and Alpine allure.

The noteworthy Alpine scene and close by mountains and lakes are home to all ways of wearing and recreation exercises consistently, which accommodates an exclusive expectation of living for students at TH Rosenheim.

Why Study at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

Educational Standards

TH Rosenheim’s educational curriculum is based on science and business. The university offers its students a futuristic and practical training in modern science and innovation, business studies, and arts and design studies with an emphasis on society and globalization. TH Rosenheim’s prosperity relies upon the fulfillment of its students, its alumni, and the organizations we work with. With our instruction and preparation, students are promised to arrive at their objectives all the more rapidly, more effectively, and even more outstandingly.

The Future

Advancement drives the future and is the central message of the university. Quality in educating and research is the university’s most noteworthy trait. Utilizing novel thoughts and systems, the nature of the instruction and preparation we give is consistently improved and further created. We are quick to examine and try to be inventive. With imagination and a continuous hunger to attain new levels of success, we offer a climate in which smart thoughts are immediately incorporated. We utilize a variety of degree programs in an interdisciplinary way.


Both staff and students at the university have built a habit of conversing with one another, knowing that being able to communicate our ideas and thoughts creates an open environment where students can express themselves freely. Correspondence amongst themselves and with the rest of the world is portrayed by straightforwardness and receptiveness, support, and participation. These are rules that all individuals from the university are obliged to follow. TH Rosenheim university administration works closely with individuals from different universities and colleges in the fields of business, organization, culture, and social studies. The individuals from the university are poised to be positive agents putting forward the university's achievements, aptitudes, and social duty. The university serves provincial advancement through its usage of innovative work, information, and innovation move.

A University of Learning

The university recognizes that growth and improvement are garnered through in-depth learning and as such has built a system of continuous learning on campus. TH Rosenheim contends with many of the best universities and colleges in Germany. Every single unit in the university endeavors to adapt consistently and give insight and experience to other people. The university recognizes new opportunities rapidly and channels its answers, association, and activities appropriately. The university is poised to provide a provincial information network in which everybody has an input.

Accommodation Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

On Campus Accomodation at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

Straight from your bedroom to the lecture room- this is what the Studentenwerk München enables students in Rosenheim to do.

Because the service company for students maintains two residential complexes with a total of 345 places directly on campus; 89 apartments, 120 places in shared apartments, and 130 places in the double room.

The student union body does not only offer student residents a comfortable place on campus but also provides the infrastructure for leisure activities. Among other things, you will find a community center with a student bar in the residential complexes.

For exchange students, the university offers a limited number of rooms in the student union dormitory. The rooms are allocated according to student arrival. When applying for one or two semesters abroad at the TH Rosenheim, exchange students have the opportunity to apply to a room in the student union's dormitory.

If you get a room, you will receive a concrete offer for a room from the Studentenwerk by email about eight weeks before the start of your studies. You will then need to confirm the reservation.

All important information regarding campus accommodation and the costs can be found at:

Dormitories of the Studentenwerk in Rosenheim are:

Residential complex Marienberger Strasse (Rosenheim I)

Residential complex Westerndorfer Straße (Rosenheim II)

All students must sign a rental contract with the university, the rental contract is valid in the winter semester from the beginning of September to the end of February and in the summer semester from the beginning of March to the end of August and cannot be terminated. You will not receive a refund of the rent if you arrive later or end your studies early.

Off Campus Accomodation at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

The different ways to rent a private apartment in Germany include:

Renting as a Hauptmieter: where the main tenant has a direct contract with the landlord.

Renting as an Untermieter: where the secondary tenant is sub-letting the apartment, as a part of the main tenant’s rental contract or in accordance with their contract with the landlord.

Renting as a Zwischenmiete: where the student rents temporary apartments from the main tenants for a limited period, also known as a short lease.

Renting as a Wohngemeinschaft also known as student sharing, where different students from a particular university live together and share the rent and utility costs.

Finally, you can find private room offers on notices in the university (staircase A-BAU on the 1st floor) or in the Saturday and Wednesday edition of the Oberbayerisches Volksblatt as well as on various online exchanges, e.g.

Sports at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

TH Rosenheim is a leader when it comes to sports, from offering a wide range of sports and extracurricular activities to competing in several sporting competitions across Germany and the EU.

The university has a pioneering sports facility that comprises sports halls, gyms, courts, and a swimming pool. The university employs a team of athletic expert professionals that work at the sports center, training and coaching students on a vast group of sporting games. 

The university also has several sports clubs (about 50 of them) that are equally active in fostering a well-balanced student life on campus. In the sports center, there is a huge range of sports and fitness facilities including a well-equipped gym with about 25 pieces of workout equipment, 6-glassdoor squash courts, a multi-sports arena with over 600 spectator’s seats, and a performance center which entails nutrition, physiology, and rehabilitation services.

The university also has a huge range of outdoor facilities on campus such as a football field, a tennis court, a hockey pitch, and more, there is also a sports pavilion and relaxation center.

Popular sports games in the university include Wakeboard, Football, Snowboard, Squash, Basketball, Handball, Mountain bike, Volleyball, Tennis, Rowing, Ice Hockey, and many more. With many local and international sports achievements.

TH Rosenheim is not only an academic powerhouse in Germany but also an all-round university for complete student development

About Rosenheim

Rosenheim is portrayed by advanced craftsmanship and social scene. The extensive Culture and Congress Center, the globally prestigious "Lokschuppen" exhibition center, and the City Gallery, notwithstanding the exceptional theatre stages, give the most exciting backdrop for social occasions.

The City Museum, the Wood Technology Museum, and the Inn Museum present the rich history of the city.

As an inventive focus, Rosenheim is the site of various academic and research higher learning institutions in Germany, including the University of Applied Sciences, the Application Center for Wood and Plastics Technology, the Institute for Window Technology, and some more. Monetarily, Rosenheim establishes the focal point of south-eastern Bavaria with a few incredibly famous high-performing organizations.

The people here are very friendly and open-minded and the Old Town is truly something to behold. Bavarian culture is a unique experience, folklore, great music, and beer are some features that make this captivating city one of the hidden gems of Europe. T

he mountains are unbelievably close with really spectacular lakes that make the city a touristic haven for many. The city is a bridge to both Munich and Salzburg.

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