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CODE University of Applied Sciences

Number of students
5461€ - 5461€
Semester Tuition Fees
850 €
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 02, June 06
Application Deadline
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Cost of living at CODE University of Applied Sciences

170 - 300 Euro / month
500 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
40 Euro / month

Why Study at CODE University of Applied Sciences

Studying in the heart of Berlin

Berlin is a city in motion - always surprising and breathless. Within a few months it changes as radically as other places in twenty years do not. Yet every district has its own neighbourhood and a special flair. People from the most diverse cultures and nations come together here and enrich everyday life. That's why Berlin has a lot to offer. Perfect conditions for all those who not only want to study, but also want to experience something.

Small study groups with individual support

Small study groups and modern lectures theatres equipped with the latest technology ensure exceptional study conditions.


Both staff and students at the university have built a habit of conversing with one another, knowing that being able to communicate our ideas and thoughts creates an open environment where students can express themselves freely. Correspondence amongst themselves and with the rest of the world is portrayed by straightforwardness and receptiveness, support, and participation. These are rules that all individuals from the university are obliged to follow.

Professors working in the Industry

Our teaching staff, student counselling, the university administration and the student parliament are all centrally located on campus. This means bbw Hochschule - University of Applied Sciences is a delightfully compact campus for our students.

Accommodation CODE University of Applied Sciences

On Campus Accomodation at CODE University of Applied Sciences
Off Campus Accomodation at CODE University of Applied Sciences

About Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the seat of the administrative powers of the country. With a land area of more than 800 square kilometers, Berlin is 9 times bigger than many of its European counterparts such as Paris and London.

Berlin is the most multi-cultural city in Germany and of its 3.6 million inhabitants, more than 470,000 residents are of foreign origins or hold foreign citizenship. People from over 184 countries are long-term residents in the city.

There are more than 175 museums in the city, the highest number for any EU capital city. Berlin is the country’s largest university city with a good amount of higher institutions, thousands of foreign students troop into the city annually.
4 must-visit places in Berlin

  • The East Side Gallery- The Berlin Wall
  • Tiergarten, one of the biggest parks in the city
  • The Brandenburg Gate; Dating back to the 18th century and a symbol of peace between the west and east Germany.
  • The Reichstag Building; With a glass dome on top that is open to visitors and offers a 360° view of the city

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