Lawyers charging internationals 2.500 for an appointment at Ausländerbehörde in Berlin

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An appointment at Ausländerbehörde in Berlin is supposed to be free but Lawyers charging internationals 2.500

The inability to find visa extension appointments in Berlin Ausländerbehörde has created a market for lawyers and they charge up to 2.500 euros to secure an appointment for you. We are talking about students and foreigners who are struggling to make ends meet and now they also have to fork out 2500 for an appointment that is supposed to be free something needs to change and it needs to change quickly because its not fair for internationals considering Berlin consists of more internationals than any other city in Germany.

Before people who needed an appointment had an opportunity to queue for the same-day appointment as bad as it was, it provided an opportunity for people to actually get an appointment earlier without paying lawyers 2.500. At the moment, it's not allowed you can't go to the Ausländerbehörde without an appointment, there is no queuing meaning you have 2 options wait to try to get an appointment online which takes months to get and that appointment can be 6 months away. Meaning you are stuck in Germany and not allowed to travel.

Get an appointment online, then go to your appointment. It's often impossible to get an appointment in time. You must check Ausländerbehörde website over and over. Appointments are only released for the next 3-6 months. Apparently, new appointments are released every day but difficult to secure them.

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