Student Healthcare and Medical Insurance in Germany

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Student Healthcare and Medical Insurance in Germany

To obtain student health insurance should be one of your first priorities if are planning to study in Germany. Health insurance is universal and therefore is mandatory for everyone who intends to study abroad. This is why it is important to thoroughly check with your acceptance letter on the binding terms and conditions relating to health Insurance once you have secured your vacancy with RocApply.

 It is impossible unless you insurance to obtain a residence permit or enroll to any university. The German federal government has reservations when it comes to nationals that are obliged to acquire local health insurance cover. Those from the EU territory are exempted from the latter. This means if you are coming from one of the insurance- recognized nations you are liable to access health services through your foreign affiliation.

Private health insurance

Private insurance is available to those who are above the age of thirty. Under fewer cases, it’s sometimes available to others for instance, if you are not permitted by a statutory insurance scheme. The monthly premiums for this choice stagger between 180 to 200 euros but the cover is subjectively variable.

Health insurance card

If you acquire health insurance from a local provider you are mandated to hold an insurance card to you testimony. Once you have taken out German health insurance, you’ll be given a health insurance card. It’s important to present this card to your medical practitioner as proof of cover.

Where to access Student Healthcare Insurance Services

Health Insurance
Health insurance premium per month
Barmer GEK 108,77 €
DAK – Gesundheit 111,75 €
KKH – Kaufmännische Krankenkasse 111,75 €
TK – Techniker Krankenkasse 105,80 €

Please note!

Foreign nationals attending a short-term preparatory course in Germany don’t have access to statutory health insurance, and therefore must opt for private insurance. When applying for a residence permit, they’ll need to show that they have sufficient insurance coverage. Once the preparatory program is completed, students under 30 years of age can change to statutory health insurance if they remain in Germany for their course of study.


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